What is BigContacts?

BigContacts is a CRM and Marketing Automation application that helps businesses flourish by organizing contact with consumers and prospects. It aids in the collection of more leads, sales, and customer retention. BigContacts CRM streamlines lead-to-revenue strategy, ensuring that sales and marketing are working toward the same goal of revenue.

Keeping track of all contacts, calendars, and tasks in one platform is a great way to manage prospects and customer relationships. BigContacts can simply collect and preserve all contact communications, including notes, calls, meetings, tasks, files, images, sales possibilities, and all email correspondence. BigContacts provides real-time insight into how engaged contacts are with the emails they receive on a daily basis.

BigContacts is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing system for small businesses that helps them establish and nurture leads throughout the sales process. The data is saved in the cloud and accessed via a web browser. Prospects' contact information is available, along with comments and connections to their social media pages, and accounts can be created and imported in under an hour.

Salespeople can use a single click to record phone calls, send emails, and execute other duties. The contact history contains all email exchanges, meetings, and updated opportunities. BigContacts also sends out notifications when certain emails are opened. All meetings and tasks are included in the built-in scheduler, which may be arranged by day, week, or month. Each event links to the contact’s information page. Any tasks that may not have a particular time set are stored in the user’s to-do list.