What is Creatio?

CRM Creatio is a task cloud-based software that links the dots between marketing, sales, and customer support, efficiently managing the entire customer journey – from lead to order, and on-going account management. The BPM platform is an essential component of all solutions that elevate the organization beyond the majority of CRM vendors. The combination of CRM and BPM enables any firm of any size to create and automate processes that provide an exceptional customer experience. Marketing Creatio The tool makes it simple to turn website visitors into leads and track sources and channels. A built-in content creator makes it simple to develop basic and appealing email templates, which can then be tested via email split testing.

Trigger emails enable the lead nurturing process to be automated, from lead acquisition to sales-ready opportunities. Sales Creatio Sales Creatio is a process-driven cloud-based CRM that automates sales activities and gives you complete control over the full customer journey, from lead creation to repeat sales. Use out-of-the-box methods to guide you through the most effective actions to maximize your sales pipeline, eliminating mistakes and increasing profits. Service Creatio Service Creatio is a cloud-based solution that provides omnichannel customer service and support using out-of-the-box processes for full-cycle service management.

Working in a single environment can help service agents handle a rapidly expanding volume of support requests and cases, manage case queues, and deliver personalized communications. The new Home Page on the revised self-service portal allows rapid access to all important information. Finally, if you want a faster implementation with a monthly subscription that covers upgrade and maintenance charges, a cloud-based CRM Creatio can get you up to speed quickly while eliminating capital expenses.