What is Dun & Bradstreet?

Helping You Grow & Thrive
Our solutions support our clients' mission critical business operations by providing proprietary and curated data and analytics to help drive informed decisions and improved outcomes. In an ever-increasing digital world, data is found everywhere. Data can describe the past or be of the moment.  Data fuels analytics that can anticipate the future.  And, data is most valuable when it drives action that moves an organization towards its goals.  Leading organizations use data and data-driven platforms to create a competitive edge. Our solutions derive data-driven insights that help clients target, grow, collect, procure and comply–even in changing times. When it comes to data about customers, vendors and partners, knowing what data to trust and having the right tools that make the data actionable can be a challenge.  That’s where we come in. Dun & Bradstreet’s business decisioning data, insights and solutions help guide intelligent actions that can drive a competitive edge.
Our platform-based solutions  help improve performance within the areas of Sales and Marketing, Finance, Procurement, and Compliance. We also offer Master Data solutions to help create a foundation of consistent and trusted customer, supplier, and partner data to enable efficient workflows. In fact, we believe that a master data foundation is key to a successful digital transformation.