What is Pipit - CRM Partner | FindMyCRM?

Pipit’s digital CASH transaction platform connects with Payment Institutions in Developing Nations to enable them to accept CASH payments from their Diaspora through our Cash Collection Network.Pipit Global is a company with a mission – a social mission.We are a Financial Inclusion company with a mission to help both unbanked and security-conscious people to fully participate in the Digital World.We are not here just for the benefit of our shareholders and stakeholders, but for society.

We believe in this so strongly; we have written it into our Articles of Association.Many businesses today push customers towards transacting online, through incentives and price reductions. It can often be cheaper to shop, buy a train ticket, pay bills or transfer money with a digital/online transaction than over-the-counter.However, currently almost all digital payment requires a bank account and/or credit/debit card; and not having either, or not wanting to use this facility because of security or privacy fears, excludes a significant segment of our population from fully participating in the global online community, which is where much of our lives are lived today. We are a Social Impact Enterprise aligned with the UN’s Social Development Goal 10 to reduce the cost of remittances to 3% by 2030.