What is MKT4EDU?

Inbound Marketing specialists for lead generation and nutrition with a focus on sales growth and customer retention. Mkt4edu was born 100% focused on the Educational Market. However, the expertise in the use of innovative technologies and tools, implementation of CRM and Chatbots, administration of modern and inexpensive campaigns, personnel training and outsourcing of skilled labor in the inbound methodology for schools, colleges, universities and courses, drew the attention of other markets and, from there, several companies from different segments started to look for their services to implement the Flywell de Marketing. Currently, in addition to the educational market, they develop projects for companies in sectors such as: Health, Finance and Retail. Tested and proven expertise: winners of the HubSpot Impact Awards 2017 (Rookie of the year category), HubSpot Impact Awards 2018-Q3 winners for sales activation and winners of the 2020 HubSpot Impact Awards for Latin America.