What is S4 Solutions?

We have seen both extremes of the business systems spectrum in the manufacturing context: from rigid bureaucracy and clunky technology to operating without processes and lots of paper. This experience has come from supporting both large clients on massive SAP implementations who are typically process-compliance driven and slow to change and smaller clients who may moving off of spreadsheets and cloud-based point solutions. Our goal is to meet you where your business is and help you anticipate your needs as you grow. We believe we can help you leverage the minimum amount of process and technology to deliver the maximum value for the objective at hand.

S4 Solutions specializes in implementing ERP, MES, supply chain, warehouse management and quality control systems in the aerospace, automotive and discrete manufacturing industries. This experience and specialization has allowed us to identify opportunities to build upon Odoo’s already powerful offering with custom and commercially available extensions like our Kanban for Manufacturing, Kanban for Supply Chain, Picking for Manufacturing, Partial Serialization and inter-warehouse shipping integrations among many others.