What is ue.no?

About us
UE builds a bridge between school and working life
Innovators are needed everywhere
Young Entrepreneurship is a non-profit, nationwide organization that, together with the education system, the business community and other actors, works to develop children and young people's creativity, creative joy and belief in themselves.

Innovators are needed everywhere!

Bridge builder between school and working life

Our programs are implemented in close collaboration with the local business and industry. In this way, we build a bridge between theory and practice, and contribute to increasing creativity and relevance in the learning processes. Young entrepreneurship is a bridge-builder between school and working life.

We have programs from primary school to higher education, in the areas of entrepreneurship, job training and personal finance. Read more about our programs here.

How we work

Young Entrepreneurship consists of a national unit (Young Entrepreneurship Norway) and 11 independent county organizations . The national unit is responsible for strategy, the pedagogical programs and for contact with central authorities, national partners and the international network. The county organizations work towards the schools and local working and business life, they have their own boards and responsibility for funding locally.

We were established on October 21, 1997. Through the European organization JA Europe , we work closely with sister organizations in 38 countries in Europe. Young Entrepreneurship is a member of JA Worldwide , a worldwide organization.