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We all know CRMs have automation, contact management, workflows, custom fields, and communication tracking.  

Focus on CRMs relevant to your business and take them for a test drive.

Does a CRM have the specific features that you need in your process? If you need to build your very own object (Partners, Event Registrations, Applications, etc.) specific to your business, can the CRM you’re looking at do that? Can it accommodate multiple currencies, subscriptions, and recurring revenues? Do you even need those features? Are you looking to scale up or down in the next year or so?

These are the questions that need answering and why we're here to help. Let us guide you to the best fit for you so that you don't find yourself locked into a 1-year contract with a CRM that can't deliver.  

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This is what FindMyCRM is all about.

Look at the features and costs. Once you’ve narrowed in on a couple that seem like good candidates, contact us to take them for a test drive with a sample set of your own data.

Then, you'll want a partner within the ecosystem of CRM vendors to assist you in implementing your system. You DO NOT want to fall victim to the “discounted” services offered by CRM vendors, as they're incredibly limited (30-minute phone calls once a week, checklists for how to do actions in the system yourself, or being sent to a general knowledge base). 

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You'll want a partner to help strategically configure the system to work for your specific business needs.

Review Our Partners Ecosystem

Partners can execute this for you on both small and large scales, so please review our Partners Ecosystem. We've vetted them and are always happy to make recommendations.

Partners can assist with your test drive and configure parts of the demo to show you the functionality you're looking for.

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How to Choose the Right CRM Software for Your Business

Top 6 things to review before making your decision

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CRM Ease of Use

The CRM industry has produced some impressive systems, with dazzling functionality and features. But the best CRM software is the one people use. And sometimes that’s the simplest option.

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Ability to Scale

Don’t choose the CRM that’s right for you right now — choose one that can grow with you. Review every CRM subscription tier to ensure the system will continue to provide great functionality at a good price. 

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Involve Key Stakeholders

Before purchase, you need a clear understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve. Gather your key stakeholders — executives, staff, and customers — to do an internal review and evaluate CRM software.

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Many CRMs integrate with hundreds of other tech solutions from email to accounting software. Be mindful of providers who want you to purchase all your CRM applications through them, making integration difficult.

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CRM Customization

A CRM can improve efficiency, performance, and customer relationships right off the bat. But, it's unlikely to match your business requirements exactly. 

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Data Safety

It’s important to do your due diligence on CRM software vendors. Housing data in one place incurs many benefits, but also creates risks as well. 

Good to Know

Benefits of Having the Right CRM Software

Every business wants to stand out among its competitors and offer the best customer relationship management. CRMs are built for just that: relationships.

Within the CRM, you’ll find many more benefits, such as greater efficiency, improved revenue, and a better customer experience.

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Improve Revenue

A CRM is rich with features that speed up your sales cycle and help you define your sales process. When everyone follows a prescribed series of steps, no task or prospect falls through the cracks. 

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Build Better Relationships

We used to know our customers personally. But for most businesses, that's a bygone era. Many customer interactions take place behind a screen, with people we never meet.

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Automate Routine Tasks

Eighty percent of small businesses still rely on manual tools (email, spreadsheets, data entry) to complete routine tasks. These outdated methods slow down and damage your business.

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Improve Customer Experience

It’s not enough to offer a great product or service. You need to create a great customer experience (CX) and that requires a CRM tool. 

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