Think a CRM is only for sales teams? Think again.

CRM Industries

Customer relationship management has outgrown its roots and now serves industries of every stripe and color.

Browse the list below to see how a CRM can help your business.

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CRMs for Manufacturing

Today, the customer experience is everything. Manufacturers can’t afford to focus on production alone. Build strong and lasting customer relationships with a CRM that can also automate inventory management, order processing, delivery, and more.

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CRMs for Healthcare

Better patient relationships mean better patient outcomes. A CRM keeps patient data at your fingertips to help identify ailments, monitor treatments, and nurture familiarity. It also eases the burden on office staff by streamlining daily operations.

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CRMs for Real Estate

Stay organized, find new properties, and land more clients with a CRM for real estate. You'll get a real-time snapshot of your sales performance, deal pipeline, and property inventory from a single digital platform.

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CRMs for Consulting

Clients are the lifeblood of consulting companies. A CRM allows you to manage relationships and business operations, keeping you connected with your clients anytime and anywhere you can access the internet. 



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CRMs for Insurance

Avoid huge payouts! An insurance CRM can help carriers improve the quality and consistency of their underwriting. You can also serve customers faster by automating routine tasks such as quotes, claims, and policy renewals.


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CRMs for eCommerce

Who’s behind the screen? A CRM can turn anonymous browsers into paying customers with its lead enrichment features. Send personalized marketing campaigns and focus on your best leads using a CRM for eCommerce.

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CRMs for Construction

Get rid of your paper systems and spreadsheets and modernize your construction business today. A CRM puts all your company's data into a single digital hub, allowing you to monitor supply chains, contracts, customers, employees, and more.

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CRMs for Higher Education

A CRM helps you connect with students at every stage of the student lifecycle. Nurture relationships with enrollees, create data-driven recruitment campaigns, and streamline your admissions process all from your CRM platform.

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CRMs for Small Businesses

A CRM helps you scale and compete with larger enterprises without needing more staff. Automate repetitive tasks and build a faster sales cycle using a CRM for small businesses. You can also keep your own personal touches as you grow through advanced contact management.

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CRMs for SaaS Companies

A SaaS business faces unique challenges given the speed of its sales cycle. A CRM can be customized for SaaS financial metrics like MRR, customer lifetime value, and more, helping to build stronger relationships that withstand customer churn.

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CRMs for Nonprofits

A CRM can help you build better relationships with donors and volunteers faster. Automation features can also reduce your administrative tasks, resulting in less time spent behind a desk and more time serving your mission.

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CRMs for Retail

Not all items sell themselves. A CRM will boost your chances for success by analyzing sales data to deliver customer insights. Add a personalized touch to all your marketing, sales, and customer service outreach with a CRM for retail.

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CRMs for Financial Service

CRM systems provide banks and financial institutions with complete information about their potential and existing customers, collecting key data and tasks at every stage of the customer experience.

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CRMs for Credit Unions

In an ideal world, you could focus on growing your lending business and revenue. This is what brings in the money and what keeps your business going. However, many mortgage company owners spend most of their time on tasks that don't generate revenue.

How does an industry-specific CRM benefit your business?

Industry-specific CRMs offer the typical range of features along with added functionality that's customized to your industry. For example, a healthcare CRM might come with extra privacy features to ensure you’re HIPAA compliant.  

While an industry-specific CRM might sound ideal, the tailor-made functionality comes at a price. For this reason, many businesses opt for a highly customizable CRM that lets you build out the functionality you need without any extra cost.

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Need help finding a CRM for your industry?

We can help you find the right CRM for your industry. Use our database to get a list of flexible solutions that are right for you.

Niche industries and highly regulated sectors may have difficulty finding the right software solution. Contact our team of friendly CRM experts if you need extra help finding the best CRM tool for you.