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CRM Software for Event Management

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is essentially a tool for managing and tracking the success of all customer interactions. A CRM may save various information about the company's clients and prospects. This enables more precise follow-up in order to provide customers with a more tailored service.

The usage of event CRM software allows you to get the most data related to your participants, manage reservations, and analyze the performance of your events. On the same platform, you may manage your various contacts (loyal customers, new clients, VIPs, participants, guests, and so on). Customers can be grouped by sorting data.

As a result, a CRM for event management simplifies your daily tasks. A CRM helps you run your business and spend more time designing events, whether you want to automate some activities, track sales, maintain contacts with prospects, or manage marketing efforts.



Features specific to CRM for event management

- Event marketing

With an event management CRM, business owners can promote their events using a variety of tools and features. You can create a personalized event website, launch marketing campaigns via email, social media, and push notifications, and even generate promo codes to attract more attendees.

- Attendee management

Using an event management CRM, you can provide your attendees with an exceptional experience. This includes personalized registration, efficient guest list management, designated seating arrangements, interactive polls and Q&A sessions for better engagement, and the assignment of dedicated staff members to assist attendees. 


- Registration management

Registration management becomes a breeze with event management CRM software. It allows you to seamlessly accept or decline registrations for your events, conferences, or seminars, whether through online or offline channels. In addition, certain solutions enable you to reserve rooms, venues, or tables for your attendees, ensuring a smooth registration process.

- Ticketing

Selling event tickets or managing registrations for conferences is simplified through the use of an event management CRM. You can handle ticket sales both online and offline, while also having the flexibility to customize ticket prices and types, and set quantity limits as needed. This streamlines the ticketing process and enhances your event management capabilities.


Best CRM Software for Event Management


Aventri stands out as a specialized cloud-based platform for event management. Whether you're an individual coordinator or part of a larger event planning company, it's designed to assist in handling the entire event lifecycle, including managing customer relationships.


Started at: $N/A user/month

Cvent offers a scalable, cloud-based platform for event planners and coordinators, providing comprehensive business management solutions. With a range of tools, it streamlines the event management process and facilitates venue collaboration.


Started at: $N/A user/month

Event Hub is a specialized event management platform crafted to simplify the management of live events like never before. It boasts a user-friendly dashboard that comes equipped with features like batch updates, notification pushes, and more.


Started at: $N/A user/month

Planning Pod serves as a valuable customer relationship management tool designed for professional event planners and teams responsible for venue or vendor management. It aids in creating event webpages, setting up checklists, itineraries, and project tasks.


Started at: $N/A user/month

Eventmobi is an all-in-one platform exclusively designed for event coordinators and planning firms. It provides comprehensive resources and support for managing events, whether they are virtual, hybrid, or in-person.


Started at: $N/A user/month

GlueUp empowers event planners and coordinators to automate membership renewals, simplify event processes, and establish a mobile membership directory. This fosters seamless connections among members and keeps organizers informed about the latest updates and activities.


Started at: $N/A user/month

Eventbrite offers comprehensive CRM software for event management. From event planning and ticketing to attendee engagement and post-event analysis, it empowers organizers to create and execute successful events.


Started at: $N/A user/month

Eventzilla is a user-friendly CRM software for event management, catering to the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. It simplifies event planning, ticketing, and promotion, making it an ideal choice for those looking for an intuitive and straightforward solution.


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How does CRM software for event management differ from regular CRM software?

CRM software for event management is a specialized tool designed to help businesses plan, organize, and execute events. While it shares some features with regular CRM software, it includes event-specific functionalities like attendee registration, ticketing, and event marketing automation.

What are the key benefits of using event manager software?

CRM software for event management can help businesses streamline event planning, increase attendance, manage relationships with attendees, and gain valuable insights into event performance. It also facilitates better communication with participants and sponsors.

How can CRM software help in attendee management?

CRM software for event management allows you to track attendee information, manage registrations, send personalized invitations, and collect feedback. It enables you to create a positive attendee experience and tailor events to their preferences.

Is event manager software suitable for all types of events?

CRM software for event management is versatile and can be adapted to various types of events, such as conferences, trade shows, webinars, and social gatherings. However, the specific features and functionalities may vary based on the software you choose.

What integrations are typically available with CRM software for event management?

Most CRM for event planners offers integrations with popular marketing tools, email platforms, payment gateways, and event-specific solutions like virtual event platforms and mobile apps. These integrations enhance the software's capabilities and enable a seamless event experience.

How do I choose the right CRM manager software for event management for my business?

To select the right CRM software for event management, consider your specific needs, the scale and type of events you organize, and your budget. Evaluate software options based on features like registration management, marketing automation, analytics, and integrations. Reading reviews and seeking recommendations from industry peers can also help make an informed decision.

Why Do Event Planners Require an Event CRM?

There are two approaches to customer relationship management. 

The first approach is to look at it through the prism of collaboration and engagement. Everything you do necessitates direct communication with a variety of stakeholders, including clients, vendors, team members, and others.  

As an event planner, you are the go-to person who ensures the event is successful from beginning to end. In that sense, customer relationship management is anything you do to ensure successful communication between yourself and each stakeholder. 

But there's also the administrative work that takes place in the gaps between your various touch points. This includes the following: 

  1. Lead nurturing and evaluation
  2. Selling your products or services
  3. Scheduling
  4. Invoicing and payment online 
  5. Contract signing
  6. Task management
  7. Keeping track of your payments and expenses

As a result, the best event CRM can solve many of your concerns at each of these stages. Some of the most typical event planning challenges, according to professional event planners, are proper budgeting, unexpected costs, tracking the planning process, time management, defining a timeline, and coordinating many events at once.

How to Make Use of a CRM for Event Management

A basic CRM system works just what it says on the box. A CRM platform handles your client relationships by keeping track of their contact information, needs, and interactions with you.

A CRM platform for event planners takes things a step further. It keeps track of your client information, but it also allows you to do so much more. For instance:

  • Use event management tools such as event planning templates to ensure you've considered everything from event registration to follow-up communication.
  • Manage your service providers so that you know who is responsible for what.
  • Run tailored email marketing campaigns with built-in communication capabilities to increase attendee engagement.
  • Monitor event registration so that your event planner or marketing team can make any necessary changes to your campaign.
  • Label VIPs, new or loyal clients, and other important stakeholders so you know how to engage with them.
  • Using a mobile app that updates all of your information in real-time, you can keep track of when event participants check in on the day.
  • To build on your success, follow up after the event using your CRM software.

Features of CRM Software for Events

The best event management software typically includes the following tools for event management:

Event marketing

Good event planning software allows you to create event websites to market your event. It assists you in creating advertising campaigns for email and social media marketing. It collects interested leads. It then interacts with those leads in order to turn them into paying event attendees.

Event registration and payment

It's time to sell tickets when you've finished marketing. The event management tools should include ticketing platforms. These manage everything from payment to registration. Attendees can purchase tickets online. It accepts credit cards and other kinds of payment. People can also book spaces for specific event activities. Ticket sales and RSVPs can help event planners better manage their events. 

Event planning

Software for event planning is similar to project management software. There are tools for organizing speakers at meetings and musical acts at festivals. They also contain floorplans for huge exhibitions as well as smaller seating arrangements for galas. Guest lists can be made easier with a CRM planning system. They can also handle food menus, equipment rentals, staffing, and health and safety issues.


Good CRM for events includes tools for live events. It enables event staff to check in guests. There is ticket scanning and badge printing. Tickets might be physical vouchers or digital tickets available through mobile apps. Some of the top event management solutions offer facial recognition.

Event experience

The top event software solutions enhance the event experience for attendees. One of the most effective methods is to create mobile event apps. You can design customized mobile apps with software for event planning. These assist guests in navigating the event and schedule. They also increase interaction between attendees and event organizers. Exhibitors and event sponsors can also interact with apps.

Virtual events

More and more events are being streamed online these days. Virtual events might include webinars, training seminars, online conferences, and more. Virtual events are supported by the majority of all-in-one event management CRM software. These include virtual conferencing tools. They also have digital presentation tools as well as interactive online platforms.

After the event

After the event, there is a lot of valuable feedback. Past events are used by event organizers to improve the planning of future events. Data is gathered using event planning software. This can take the form of statistics such as ticket sales, registration numbers, attendee lists, and capacity. It also provides survey and feedback tools. This allows guests to share their personal experiences. 

Benefits of using CRM event management software 

Effective events management solutions make client management and planning an event easier. It saves event organizers time and effort in a variety of ways. 

As an example:

  • When planning email and social media marketing efforts, you can segment your customers so you know exactly who your audience is.
  • Finding the top vendors is simple now that all supplier information is in one location.
  • Pre-made forms, such as itinerary templates and conference agenda templates, provide a configurable structure for the sequence of events.
  • It keeps track of who is and isn't present, making attendee management easier on the day.
  • An events platform optimizes your workflow throughout the event lifecycle by cooperating with other aspects of your tech stack, such as your task management system.
  • It gives post-event statistics like ticket sales vs attendance and survey tools to collect feedback so that you may improve your process the next time.
  • Your sales staff gets all the client information they need for successful post-event follow-ups since all of your client data is in one place. 

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