Guidelines for Product Listings

Greetings from FindMyCRM. Please read our Product Listing Guidelines carefully.

The usage of our sites, services, and content by FMC and our affiliates (collectively, "Us") and all vendors, both basic and upgraded (collectively, "Vendors") is governed by these Guidelines for Product Listings ("Guidelines"), which are incorporated by this reference into the General Vendor Terms.

Product Listings are summaries of a Vendor's products that We or the Vendor have prepared and placed in FMC and our Affiliates' ("Our") online software categories ("categories"). They include the vendor name and logo, the product name and description, and screenshots.

Please go here to access a glossary of other terms used in these Guidelines.

The Basics

Product Listing Creation: We include all software product listings that are currently promoted or sold and fit in a category in order to be a complete resource for software consumers. Our catalog team will investigate the vendor's website to see if a product makes sense for a category in order to give software buyers the best possible experience.

We will either build these listings using information that is already in the public domain or we will collaborate with the software vendor to build and/or update a listing that is accurate and best reflects the characteristics of the product.

Conditions for Publishing Product Listings on Our Websites: The B2B software solutions that fall under one or more of our categories will be listed on this page. The following standards for inclusion:

  • It is business-to-business software; we do not solely list B2C products, markets, database websites, personal productivity tools, or personal apps.
  • It is a pre-built, packaged solution; we do not list specially crafted or customized software.
  • It must fall under one of the preexisting categories, as determined solely by Us.
  • It must be out of beta testing and open to the general audience.
  • We do not list integrators, consultants, or other third-party names unless the vendor specifically grants a reseller permission to list the product on their behalf. It must be featured under the product name chosen by the vendor.

Nevertheless, we let authorized resellers take part in our lead-generation campaigns. However, the parent company will take precedence and the reseller will be disabled if it requests lead generation for its product.

PLEASE NOTE: Although we provide a platform for the listing of software products on our sites, we are not in charge of ensuring that these software products comply with applicable laws and/or regulations. Site visitors will be forwarded to the software vendor's website to inquire about a software product's legal and/or regulatory status.

Product Listing Removal

At Vendor Request: We won't eliminate entries for software products that are presently being advertised or sold and fall under a category in order to maintain our commitment to being an exhaustive resource for software consumers. To make sure the listing is correct and accurately portrays the characteristics of the product, we will work with the software vendor to update it.

If a software vendor is no longer in business and/or the product listed is no longer being sold (clearly reflected on the company website), we will either (i) review and remove the product listing from the catalog, or (ii) keep the listing and indicate that the product is no longer sold or discontinued.

At Our Discretion: If, in our sole judgment, a Product Listing and/or Product Profile violates these Guidelines, we have the right to amend or delete the listing or profile. The exceptions to this rule are when there is evidence that the vendor's product is no longer actively being marketed and/or sold to the general public, or when the product listing or profile does not fit within at least one of the existing software categories.

A product listing will be evaluated and deleted if it is determined via continuing catalog maintenance and review that it no longer corresponds to a category or is not a genuine, bundled piece of B2B software.

Product Listing Guidelines

Below are Our Guidelines for written content and image assets. For additional assistance on these Guidelines please contact

The Do's:

  • Make sure the product description is genuine and original (not plagiarised from another website).
  • Make sure the product name matches the one on the vendor's website.
  • Make that the destination URLs function and go to the vendor's website.
  • Be sure to utilise proper grammar and spelling.

The Don'ts:

  • Avoid using first-person pronouns like "we," "our," or "us," and instead use the name of the item or company.
  • Avoid using superlatives and excessive comparisons (such as best, most, and quickest).
  • Do not use language that is rude, vulgar, or slanderous.
  • Avoid using calls to action (such as "Click here for a free trial") and personally-identifying information (such as a phone number, email address, fax number, or URL) in the product description.
  • In the company name, avoid using suffixes (e.g., no Inc, Corporation, LLC, etc.).
  • Do not use repeated or unnecessary punctuation marks or excessive capitalization
  • Do not use line breaks, symbols, special characters, or HTML tags

Screenshot and Video Guidelines

It is extremely advised that you provide at least one screenshot or video with your entry. If you send us a screenshot, you give us permission to use it to manage your product listing as part of our regular operations. Additionally, you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Make sure the software's actual user interface is visible in screenshots.
  • Do make sure the video is in English, about the product, and has a link to either YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. 
  • Do not use stock photos or marketing-speak in your screenshots.

By providing notice of the change on our sites, we reserve the right to make modifications to these guidelines at any time without incurring any costs. After such notice has been posted, using Our Sites and/or Services indicates your acceptance of the updated Guidelines.

Community Guidelines

These Community Guidelines govern the Reviews Program of the FindMyCRM site and our affiliate sites and describe the rules of play for users, reviewers, and vendors.

Understanding Reviews

Reviews Program Overview

Reviews play an important part in educating potential software buyers by sharing the opinions of peers and others who have relevant experiences. Reviews not only help buyers make better-informed decisions but provide vendors with feedback and valuable insight about their software or service. We take each review seriously and focus on creating a site that is helpful and maintains high-quality, relevant content written by verified users and is free of conflicts of interest.

As a website operator, we display content generated by our community of software users in the form of software reviews. The opinions expressed in reviews are those of the reviewers and not of FindMyCRM. We do not endorse any of the opinions expressed by reviewers or by vendor management in response to reviews. And we identify in these Community Guidelines the rules governing our reviews program for 

(i) the users of the site, 

(ii) those users who write reviews, and 

(iii) the vendors who are listed and/or reviewed on the site.

Quality Assurance (QA) and Verification Process

In order to fulfil our commitment to serving as a platform for high-quality reviews, we've developed a strong reviews Quality Assurance (QA) approach. Our team of specialists personally examines each review to make sure that it is from a reliable source and offers valuable information. During the verification process, all reviews are given the same consideration regardless of rating or vendor.

FindMyCRM offers an unbiased forum as a user-driven reviews platform designed to encourage conversation between software companies and customers. Our goal is to prevent fraud as a result, thus we take steps to confirm each reviewer's identity. We also check to determine whether the reviewer has any conflicts of interest (such as working for or against the manufacturer of the product) and if the review complies with our publishing standards, which are outlined below.

Here are the three key steps of reviews verification:

Identity Check. Our team of experts does thorough research on each reviewer to identify crucial identifiers like name, job title, or email address to confirm that the review was submitted by a real person. The review won't be published if they can't locate the reviewer.

Conflict of Interest Check. We cross-reference each reviewer's name and business with the item they are evaluating. The review won't be made public if the author is connected to the vendor in any manner or is recognized as a direct rival.

Content Check. Each review is assessed to make sure it is unique, real, and up to our standards for quality. The review won't be published if the material does not adhere to our standards, which include but are not limited to those specified below.