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Please read the instruction carefully so that the result of cooperation pleases both you and us


I want to write - what should I do?

Write a guest article to establish yourself as an expert and find new clients. Our goal is to make the blog as helpful as possible for readers. Every week we receive dozens of applications for publishing guest posts and are always open to cooperation. It is not so difficult to publish an article here. It is enough to approach the task responsibly and prepare quality material.

Please read the instructions carefully so that the result of cooperation pleases both you and us!

What to write about?

Choose a topic for the article according to two principles:

  • the article should fit the topic of the blog and be interesting for our audience;
  • you must have a good understanding of what you are writing about.

Here are the directions that our readers are interested in:

  • all about CRM;
  • platform reviews and tool comparisons;
  • advice on choosing software;
  • CRM Industries;
  • CRM Implementation and others.

Who should you write to?

Followers of the FindMyCRM blog are:

  • various online businesses, ranging from online stores and educational organizations to software developers and ISPs;
  • technical specialists and IT specialists;
  • anyone who needs our platform reviews to help them make an informed decision.

The FindMyCRM blog is read by both novices and experts. This means that our audience is interested in a variety of articles: from the simplest to the most complex. The main thing is that real experience and benefit for the reader can be seen in your work.

How to write?

The main requirements for the article:


The text must be unique, we do not post articles that have already been published before or rewrites.


The material should be useful to the reader, so we are looking for how-to articles, instructions, tips, cases, and other texts, the information from which can be applied in practice.


Support your words with arguments - indicate links to primary sources, and add screenshots and real numbers. The content of the article must be expert.


The article should be structured: introduction, main part, and conclusions. Highlight headings and subheadings in the text. Use bulleted lists, and illustrate what is written with graphs, diagrams, and tables.

Technical requirements

  • the average length of posts on our blog is 2-5 thousand words;
  • article description up to 140-160 characters;
  • bright title;
  • at least three subheadings;

Be prepared for the fact that the material will be checked before publication - we are rooting for the final result. We need it, and you and the reader.

We do not link to your business in the body of a guest article unless you have agreed to do so in advance. At the end of the material, we will indicate the author and his place of work. Remember that guest posts are not advertising. Therefore, you should not devote the entire text to the advantages of the product or service.

For more coverage, we will share the article on FindMyCRM social networks.

We will receive quality content, and you will receive a backlink to your site. As a result, both sides win.

If you're not ready to write a post yet but want to be published with us in the future, read our blog to keep track of useful content and inspiration!



How the process will go

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Send us the email with your proposed outline along with the few words about yourself so that we can get acquainted with you and the ideas you`ve brought to our table.
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We contact you

Our editor will try to review your submission as soon as possible. If your ideas are worthy, someone from our team will contact you to discuss the prospects of collaborative work. Feel free to ask any questions along the way.
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We post guest post

Send us your draft for review, so we can see if any alterations are needed. Don`t be alarmed as it happens in most cases for our readers to enjoy the best content. As soon as remarks are done, we`ll inform you when your piece is ready for publication.

Please fill out the form to submit a guest article to the FindMyCRM blog.