What is Daylite CRM?

Daylite combines powerful functionality with a great price. Unlike other platforms that cast a wide net, Daylite is a niche system. It`s specifically designed for Apple products and professional service industries, such as real estate, law, and recruitment. It comes with features for sales and marketing, as well as a strong project management suite. Ease of Use If you work in the professional services industry, managing a vast array of projects and tools is one of your biggest challenges. Daylite creates a fully customizable platform that integrates with all your other tools. It eliminates the need for several disparate apps, such as project management, calendar, word processing, and note-taking apps.

You can also manage (versus juggle) several clients and projects from a single login. Daylite CRM leverages the existing power of your Mac-based tools to give you an affordable CRM that is user friendly too. The software integrates seamlessly with all Apple products and has a look and feel that will be familiar to any Apple user. Contact Management After integrating with email, you can work right out of your inbox. As you read your emails, you can create follow-up tasks, set reminders, and add appointments to your calendar. Daylite will integrate all this info to the customer profile automatically. It enables you to find emails, notes, files, and calls with just a click. Alternatively, when you integrate with Siri, all of these features can be accessed hands-free.

Every interaction with a contact is located in one place. Whether you need to check a note from a call last month or schedule a follow-up for next week, Daylite remembers every detail even if you don`t. Marketing Features What`s more, Daylite offers customizable filters so you can segment your audience and target the right accounts at the right time. Customizable fields let you track whatever is important to your client relationships, whether that`s a birthday or their CLV. You can save these as “smart lists”. The filters are dynamic, meaning clients will automatically be added to the smart list when they hit the criteria you`ve set. You can also send bulk email marketing messages. Simply select a smart list, then personalize your campaign messaging.

Sales Features Daylite can streamline your sales cycle with customizable pipelines. The pipelines ensure every sales rep is following the same sales blueprint. Managers can quickly access who, how, and what needs to be done to close a deal. Sales reports can be generated in a few clicks, showing close rates, forecasts, and more. Users can also generate professional sales quotes on the go. Project Management Businesses can seamlessly transition from closing a deal to getting to work on the deliverable. There`s no need to duplicate efforts, as all client information is included in the systems, from the very first touchpoint to delivery and payment. As the name suggests, Daylite also shines a light on every task, the time to completion, and who is responsible. Every detail of a project becomes transparent, letting managers make realistic estimates of their progress.