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Best Enterprise CRM Software in 2024 [Free and Paid]

Dive into the world of enterprise CRM systems, understanding their pivotal role in large-scale business operations, features, and strategies to optimize customer relationships in today's dynamic marketplace.

Ivan Karp
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Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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Published: Apr 05, 2024

| 15 mins read

Managing the enterprise sales process involves numerous complex components, such as lead tracking, productivity measurement, collaboration, customer support coordination, and revenue tracking. While small businesses can handle these tasks using manual methods, it becomes overwhelming as operations grow. This is where enterprise CRM systems come into play.

Enterprise CRMs are designed to help large organizations efficiently manage their sales processes. With a user-friendly interface, SDRs can easily assign, track, and discuss deals within one platform. Sales leaders can utilize enterprise CRMs to monitor team productivity, report progress to higher management, forecast revenue, and coordinate with customer support for prompt issue resolution.

In this article, we will explore the workings of enterprise CRM software, highlight the distinctions between enterprise and SMB CRMs, discuss the common features of enterprise CRM software, and provide a list of 15 top-notch enterprise CRM suites for sales teams.

Robust Enterprise CRM Platform


Creatio platform is built on a modern technology stack, which offers maximum degree of freedom to integrate the platform within your organization’s digital ecosystem.   
Highly customizable and user-friendly, Creatio applications help businesses of any size and from any industry manage customer-facing processes and deliver an amazing customer experience.  
Creatio can be deployed:
  • Cloud-based 
  • On-premise 
The Creatio platform supports 17 languages, and this number continues to grow.


What is Enterprise CRM Software?

As an enterprise CRM, our comprehensive customer relationship management solution is specifically designed to cater to the needs of larger companies with expansive sales departments. We understand that as a sales department grows in size, the importance of effective communication, collaboration on deals, and the ability for sales leaders to track the performance of their team members becomes increasingly crucial.

With our enterprise CRM, we provide the tools and functionalities that allow sales teams to seamlessly connect with one another, collaborate on deals, and monitor individual and team performance. Our platform serves as a centralized hub where team members can easily communicate, share information, and work together towards achieving sales targets and goals.

Through our CRM, sales leaders have access to real-time data and analytics that enable them to track the progress of each team member, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to optimize sales strategies. From monitoring individual sales metrics to assessing the overall performance of the sales department, our CRM empowers sales leaders with the insights they need to drive success.

Furthermore, our CRM facilitates effective collaboration by providing features that allow team members to work together on deals, share updates, and provide feedback. Sales teams can easily coordinate activities, assign tasks, and ensure that everyone is aligned towards achieving common sales objectives. This level of collaboration and transparency fosters a strong team dynamic and ensures that everyone is working towards a common goal.

In summary, our enterprise CRM is designed to meet the unique needs of larger companies with extensive sales departments. We recognize the importance of effective communication, collaboration, and performance tracking in such environments, and our CRM provides the necessary tools and functionalities to support these requirements. With our CRM, sales teams can enhance productivity, improve collaboration, and drive sales success.

5 Common Features of Enterprise CRM Software

Enterprise CRMs offer extensive tools for managing pipeline, collaborating with team members, and tracking productivity and analytics. When choosing an enterprise CRM, consider how well it meets the unique needs of your sales organization. This CRM software require a long-term financial commitment. Here are the five major features to expect from an enterprise CRM and how they help.

1. Sales forecasting

Sales forecasting in an enterprise CRM helps predict future sales performance based on variables like lead scoring and pipeline volume. This automation saves time and provides more accurate forecasts for expected revenue.

2. Marketing automation

Enterprise CRM workflows engage prospects by triggering specific actions based on their steps. Examples include sending welcome emails upon sign-up, emailing NPS surveys after product usage (e.g., 90 days), and providing product information and discounts to new customers who check pricing pages. These workflows use if-then logic to automatically initiate engagement actions for prospects and existing customers.

3. Sales process automation

Enterprise CRMs have sales automation tools that trigger actions based on prospect behavior or specific conditions. These tools help SDRs focus on closing deals by automatically following up with leads, pre-qualifying opportunities, assigning deals to the best-suited SDR, and sharing demos and sales collateral. Sales process workflows can be designed to invite prospects to sign up for newsletters, send follow-up emails if prospects go silent after receiving a quote, or assign leads to different SDRs based on ticket size. These workflows use logic rules to automatically carry out the next step without input from the sales team.

4. Sales analytics

An enterprise CRM has the ability to delve deep into various data points and transform them into valuable metrics that allow you to monitor the performance of your sales team. These metrics encompass important aspects such as sales growth, sales targets, opportunities, product performance, conversion rates, and quote-to-close ratios, among others.

Gone are the days of manual calculations in spreadsheets. With an enterprise CRM, you can seamlessly tap into all your data points and present them on visually appealing dashboards that provide a clear and comprehensive overview of your sales operation's overall health.

5. Streamlined lead management

Enterprise CRMs streamline the process of managing leads by providing a convenient way to collect and organize information on individual prospects. This includes:

Engaging with prospects through various channels such as email, SMS, or phone

Effortlessly scheduling meetings

Taking detailed notes

Setting reminders and action items

Updating contact details directly from your CRM dashboard.

Your prospects are the heart of your sales efforts. Enterprise CRMs make it effortless to connect with them through multiple channels, take note of their pain points, and ensure their information is always up to date, all from one user-friendly interface.

20 Best Enterprise CRM Software in 2024

We’ve done a deep dive into the major enterprise CRM software on the market, grading by how comprehensive a solution they offer, pricing, user-friendliness, and the quality of support you can expect as you use each one to run your sales operations daily.

1. Salesforce

A cloud-based CRM that offers a comprehensive suite of features for sales, service, marketing, and more. It is particularly known for its scalability and wide range of third-party integrations.

2. Creatio

Creatio is the leading vendor of ONE platform to automate industry workflows and CRM with no code and maximum degree of freedom.

3. Oracle CX (Customer Experience) Cloud

Part of Oracle's suite of cloud applications, this CRM offers tools for sales, service, marketing, and customer engagement.

4. SAP C/4HANA (previously SAP CRM)

SAP's customer experience suite, offers cloud-based solutions for various areas like sales, marketing, and service.

5. Adobe Experience Cloud

While not a traditional CRM, this suite provides customer experience management tools that cater to marketing, advertising, and analytics, bridging the gap between marketing and CRM functions.

6. Pega Customer Engagement Suite

Provides tools for marketing, sales, and customer service with a focus on automation and artificial intelligence.

7. HubSpot CRM

Although it began as a platform more suited for SMBs, HubSpot has expanded its capabilities to cater to larger enterprises, especially with its Sales Hub Enterprise edition.

8. Infor CloudSuite CRM

Offers a comprehensive set of tools for sales, customer service, and marketing, with a focus on industry-specific solutions.

9. Zoho CRM

While also catering to SMBs, Zoho CRM's enterprise edition offers advanced features, analytics, and integrations suitable for large organizations.

10. Nimble

A social CRM that's particularly known for its integration with social media platforms, making it great for enterprises focusing on social selling and engagement.

11. SugarCRM

Offers automation for sales, marketing, and support functions, with a high degree of customization and flexibility for businesses.

12. Bpm'online (now Creatio)

A process-driven CRM that combines sales, marketing, and service operations onto a single platform. Known for its business process management capabilities.

13. Aptean

Offers a range of industry-specific CRM solutions tailored for niche sectors, from manufacturing to retail and everything in between.

14. Insightly

A CRM and project management tool combined. Insightly provides enterprise-level scalability and integration capabilities.

15. Vtiger

Offers both a cloud and on-premises version, Vtiger CRM provides tools for sales, marketing, and support, with a wide array of customization options.

16. NetSuite CRM+

A part of Oracle's software offerings, it provides a cloud-based solution that encompasses CRM functions and extends beyond to include e-commerce, sales force automation, and more.

17. Bullhorn

Specifically designed for the staffing and recruiting industry, it's a cloud-based CRM that offers applicant tracking and customer relationship functionalities.

18. PipelineDeals

Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, it provides tools for sales and account management, primarily focusing on simplicity and visibility for sales teams.

19. Agile CRM

While catering to businesses of all sizes, its enterprise offerings focus on sales, marketing automation, and service functionalities, all under a single platform.

20. GreenRope

A comprehensive CRM that includes marketing automation, sales pipelines, and customer service functionalities. It emphasizes a holistic approach to customer relationship management.

Wrapping Up

How can you select the perfect enterprise CRM?

Selecting the right enterprise CRM that aligns with your sales needs is a critical decision, especially considering that CRMs generate an impressive $8.71 for every dollar invested. The ideal enterprise CRM will streamline your marketing and sales processes, eliminating the need for excessive manual intervention to move deals through the pipeline.

Whatfix offers a solution that can simplify the onboarding process for your sales representatives, providing guided walkthroughs that enable them to effectively utilize your enterprise CRM. With this support, your sales team can collaborate seamlessly, close deals efficiently, and drive revenue without wasting valuable time on trial and error.

Discover how FMC can assist you in implementing your enterprise CRM software for your SDRs, ensuring a smooth transition and enabling them to continuously attract new business without any setbacks.

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Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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