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Interview with Juan Conde: ‘Before Doing Anything Carefully Plan the Business Process’

In this interview with Juan Conde, you will read about the main reasons of these failures and measures for preventing and handling these issues.

Published: Mar 16, 2022

| Last updated on Nov 15, 2022

| 8 mins read

Editor’s note: CRM software became a panacea for SMBs and large organizations in the facilitation of cumbersome processes, building far-reaching relationships with customers and optimizing cost and resources. However, the rate of user adoption and strategies roll outs frequently fall apart. In this interview with Juan Conde, you will read about the main reasons of these failures and measures for preventing and handling these issues. As a qualified CRM expert and CRM project manager at Prosegur, Juan shares his vision on cloud CRM, adoption and social media as a communication channel with customers.

1. What has led you to this industry? Have you ever considered about changing the industry you work in?

Well, I certainly think the career of a person is constantly evolving, I’m always open to evolve.

2. When did you get familiar with CRM system? How does Salesforce prevails other solutions?

I became familiar with CRM strategies (and systems, of course) over 20 years ago when I started working as a consultant in a now defunct company called ‘Business Vision Software Solutions’ in which we worked for banks.

3. Does cloud CRM deliver easier implementation and user adoption? Can we use it effectively without tailoring?

Well, not exactly. The cloud provides a strong reduction of structural costs on companies, but adoption by users of a CRM strategy is not linked to the system, it´s linked to the strategy of the company and its managing change.

We can use it effectively provided the company requirements are not excessively complex (usually some business sectors have a complex business cycle) in which case if it’s necessary to use adaptations of the software. Fortunately, Cloud based systems are usually flexible and relatively simple parameterization to adapt the business process of the company.

4. What measures should be taking into account in a business strategy development?

Definitely! The main advantage that gives us a CRM strategy is the ability to better meet our customer and thus improve Crosselling and Upselling, remember that it is always much easier to sell to a customer to make a new one.

Measures are many and varied, but one that must be ‘Rule of thumb’: Defining a sponsor heavily involved with the project and ability of persuasion and negotiation as well as leadership and authority to lead the way follow.

5. What tools will really facilitate and elaborate business performance?

In my opinion, a CRM system should adhere strictly to implement the sales cycle and bring you benefits such as a centralized calendar, the possibility of commercial campaigns, good management of the Pipeline, the Forecast and have a Funnel graphically me shows the conversion of my Leads. And of course, that allows me to deliver my offers an integrated way from the CRM system.

6.  Are there any rules or guidance for appropriate incorporation social media into CRM strategy?

I think if the Social Media channels are very immature, with a high rate of change, full adoption at the moment, but not settled in the DNA of companies. There are exceptions, of course, but very few.

The most obvious result is the way companies use channels like Twitter where most companies is limited to issuing corporate information and provide answers to their clients who seem literally taken from a manual treatment to clients. Standard answers, without content, and what is worse, answers that suggest the customer that the company is unwilling to solve your problem.

As an example I can offer my particular claim to ING Direct (Holland online bank with presence in Spain) does not respond to my requests on social networks to facilitate my credit card not be contactless. All the answers I receive in social networks are extracted directly from procedures manual (you have insurances policies, our commitment is that you are happy, feel at ease ….) but nobody answers me! And it is just a small example of a company with extensive experience in social media. That will not do small enterprises?

7. Could you give some pieces of advice about Salesforce deployment and setting up? 

Of course, the best advice is that before doing anything carefully plan the business process, the implications of the various partners of the company. The best way to streamline the process is to involve the whole company, ‘take ownership’ the proposed adoption of CRM.

8.  What user roles should be taught at first? Which department should be in the head of CRM?

The mode that best result has given me personally is the training of trainers. Train a small group of people makes training can be much more intense and effective. It also allows in companies with some staff turnover can be a quick and effective way to new employees.

What department should be ahead? It’s really not that important ‘who’ is in front but rather ‘how’ it does. You must have a visible head, responsible, knowledgeable business and company, with decision-making and judgment to decide correctly.

9.  Could you name a shortlist of aspects that are inevitable for client-oriented business strategy?

You have to use your management system customer relationship to segment your goals. Another of the most important aspects of any good system of this type of management, quality customer relationships and ability to segment all data and information to meet your immediate and long term needs. And of course, that has a very good analytical ability, do not forget that at the beginning CRM is nothing more than a ‘glutton’ data, but gradually these data becomes information, the most valuable asset of a company.

We find these insights very helpful and practical and thank Juan for his professional view and allowed time for this interview. We are sure that our readers will use the pieces of advice given in this post for improvement of their strategy and further advancement of business performance and revenue levels.

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