What is Amuseng Resources?

At Amuseng Resources, we are proud to have Debbie, the first HubSpot Certified Trainer in Nigeria and West Africa, and a HubSpot Academy Pipeline Generation Bootcamp Instructor, as our Muse. She is passionate about helping you and your team use HubSpot to grow better in a sustainable way. Debbie is a certified onboarding and platform consultant who can help you set up your HubSpot CRM Free to Enterprise subscriptions to build, track, and optimize the value and revenue you can generate with your existing or new prospects or clients. Our Amuseng network of inbound marketing and sales creatives and innovators can tailor solutions that match your vision and the needs of your ideal clientele. We strive to make your experience of our processes and services as stress-free as possible. We have 10+ years of experience working with B2C companies in the business, development, and education industries.