What is TWIST Gym CRM Integrations?

Integrate your gym's club management software (CMS) with HubSpot, the world's best tool for sales (membership) and marketing, with ease using TWIST Integrations. Our team of CRM coaches are here to help you adopt and implement enterprise-level CRM software for your gyms or health clubs. TWIST will support you in: ⊛ increasing member retention ⊛ enabling your membership team to track metrics and reach their goals ⊛ gaining visibility of lead management & prospecting activity ⊛ reporting ⊛ adopting marketing tools such as email, automation, AI & chat ⊛ converting prospects to customers faster ⊛ reducing manual data entry ⊛ increasing data quality ⊛ providing better service and support to members ⊛ creating alignment between internal teams.