What is Vipu?

At Vipu, we strive to make technology work for the benefit of organizations, not the other way around. We identify the sales and marketing objectives of our clients and develop strategies to help them reach their goals. We integrate existing systems into HubSpot and use advanced analytics to ensure efficient operations. Our collaborative approach ensures successful implementation. Our customers appreciate our strategic and consultative approach, as well as our long-term partnerships. We offer our services in Finnish, Swedish, and English. Our services include sales enablement, integration, consulting, onboarding, sales automation, data migration, and outsourced marketing. We are also experienced in integrating with Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, Zoho, WebCRM, In-Store Retail CRM, Databox, Microsoft Power BI, Qlikview and Qliksense, On-line Training Publishing System, Auto Dealer Sales and Fleet Management, and Medical Appointment System. Additionally, we specialize in multi-language HubSpot CMS websites and complex integrated HubSpot CMS solutions for various industries.