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10 Best Customer Retention Management Software

In this article, we'll share the best customer retention software that can help you reduce churn. Dive into detailed profiles and unique features that will elevate your customer retention strategies to success.

Noah Jay Hendricks
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Noah Jay Hendricks
Noah Jay Hendricks
Noah Jay Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Noah can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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Published: Apr 05, 2024

| 29 mins read

What is Customer Retention Software?

Customer retention software is a tool or platform that assists organizations in keeping their current customers by increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. These systems can include data analysis, customer segmentation, behavior tracking, personalized communication, and other features.

You can consider these robust CRM systems:


monday sales CRM

Let monday sales CRM do the grunt work while your team stays focused on high-level tasks, such as creative projects, business strategy, and relationship building. 



Pipedrive CRM is a user-friendly platform that is effortless to master. It is the creative web designer's secret weapon in the world of Customer Relationship Management. 



By using Fireberry, you can easily manage all your business needs with a user-friendly system. Your unique business deserves a platform built just for you, so you can maximize your time and productivity where it matters most.

Salesforce (2)


Salesforce is an industry leader known for its mammoth feature set and endless customization options. The platform can adapt to any industry, from manufacturing to insurance. 


Benefits of Using Customer Retention Software

Why should you consider retention marketing tools? 

Customer retention tools are the platforms for enhancing your customer experience. They effortlessly streamline interactions between your customers and your team, eliminating any hurdles in the process. By providing quick and easy access to resources, these tools make it a breeze for customers to get the assistance they need.

1. Elevate customer loyalty and boost retention rates

Customer retention tools transform the way your customers engage with your business. They take the complexity out of interactions, offering proactive solutions to queries through readily available resources. This, in turn, minimizes the effort required for users to tackle routine tasks such as reporting issues, upgrading accounts, or reaching out to support.

The outcome? Satisfied customers who are more likely to stay loyal to your business. Not only that, but they start to recommend your products or services to their friends and colleagues. 

2.  Enhanced customer relationship management

Revolutionize your approach to customer relations with the power of retention tools. Imagine effortlessly addressing customer inquiries by automating responses with valuable resources, pricing details, relevant links, and insightful white papers. Take it a step further by seamlessly scheduling follow-ups with product experts and efficiently transferring customer tickets among support teams. Attract potential clients with exclusive discounts and free trials, accelerating their journey to conversion. Rather than drowning in manual tasks, let a customer retention platform automate key aspects of your workflow, freeing you to focus on delivering unique resources and guiding meaningful conversations.

3. Supercharging marketing and sales

Improve your marketing and sales efforts with customer retention tools. These tools empower you to precisely target your campaigns by segmenting users based on key characteristics such as company size, pricing tier, location, and role. Tailor your approach by offering users valuable resources, suggested content, and on-demand solutions that effectively address their pain points.

4. Optimizing customer service and support

Leverage pre-built tools, resources, and help centers to proactively address customer questions. The goal is to proactively guide users, enabling them to resolve issues independently with self-help resources, ultimately reducing the workload on your support team.

5. Data analysis and reporting

Transform your customer retention platform into a dynamic component of your product analytics suite. Use its capabilities to track user behavioral patterns, monitor resource engagement, and navigate application and website usage. Dive deep into understanding user experiences and promptly address any issues they may encounter. With comprehensive data analysis and reporting, stay ahead of the curve and ensure an optimized user journey.

5 Types of Customer Retention Software

How to Make Your Customers Stick Around for Good | Prodigi

Discover a range of innovative tools designed to streamline your users' experience as they navigate your product, interact with your support team, and explore your store. Let's delve into five dynamic types of customer retention management software:

1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRMs are indispensable for engaging and retaining both customers and prospects, especially if you're a sizable enterprise that has outgrown managing leads through spreadsheets. Harness the power of CRMs to create automated workflows, seamlessly follow up with users, modify their status, re-engage them with automated email campaigns, canned responses, and even provide discounts based on preset conditions. CRMs also excel at tracking customer tickets, ensuring a comprehensive approach to customer management.

2. Marketing Automation

Elevate your marketing efforts with a suite of automation tools that seamlessly integrate with your martech stack. Unlock the ability to personalize user experiences, segment users into groups for tailored interactions, gather feedback, generate intuitive dashboards and reports, and export insights across tools—all without the need for coding or manual data movement.

3. Help Desk Software

The heartbeat of your customer support operations, help desk software also functions as a practical customer service CRM. Leverage its capabilities to write and host product documentation and help libraries, gauge NPS and other retention metrics, and automate conversations through chatbots. It's the all-in-one solution for optimizing customer support processes.

4. Social Media Management

Stay in tune with your brand's presence on major social channels. Effectively monitor brand mentions, respond and engage when your brand is tagged or part of a conversation, and track engagement rates. 

5. Customer Feedback and Review Management

Utilize tools like Typeform and Google Forms to create surveys, polls, and questionnaires. Take it a step further with platforms like Pollfish, seamlessly integrated into Slack and Zoom. Dedicated user experience tools such as Whatfix, Hotjar, and Userguiding enable you to gauge your customers' sentiments through NPS surveys and more, ensuring you stay connected to your audience's needs.

SMBs CRM Software


Thryv is the all-in-one business management software built for small and midsize businesses. Small and midsize businesses need one handy solution for their tasks and goals and Thryv manages it.

5 Key Features of Customer Retention Software

1. Lead Tracking and Management

Whether you're utilizing a CRM or a helpdesk SaaS, customer retention tools simplify the process of capturing, segmenting, and exporting leads to seamlessly integrate with your marketing stack. Imagine a prospect inquiring about your product via live chat—customer retention tools allow you to enter them into your CRM and target them with engagement emails, all with their consent. As they sign up, you can enhance their profile with additional details, track their conversations with your representatives, transition discussions between SDRs and customer reps, create follow-up items, and even attach files and documents to their CRM profile.

2. Email and Marketing Campaigns

Elevate your email marketing with customer retention tools. Easily capture email addresses through various channels such as landing pages, pop-ups, modals, and downloadable resources like webinars and courses. Customize email content based on users' pricing tiers, company size, niche, and preferred product features. Enrich your emails with engaging elements like GIFs and interactive content to create a personalized user experience.

3. Customer Service and Support

Seamlessly connect customers to your support team and proactively suggest helpful content. Embed valuable product documentation and resources directly within your product's dashboard. Take it a step further with guided onboarding tools, providing users with step-by-step product tours that reduce the need for extensive support interactions.

4. Data Analysis and Reporting

Dive deep into customer behavior analytics with retention tools. Visualize user engagement through heatmaps, revealing the most and least interactive parts of your landing pages. Identify faulty elements, unresponsive buttons, and navigation issues impacting user experience. Accessible product experience data points can be exported to spreadsheets, displayed on dashboards, or synced with third-party business intelligence tools.

5. Integration with Other Systems

Customer retention tools seamlessly integrate with your marketing and growth stack, eliminating the need for manual data handling. Collect email addresses from a landing page built with ConvertKit, export them to Mailchimp for drip campaigns, update their status in your Salesforce CRM, and automatically schedule meetings with product experts—all without a single line of code. Third-party connectors like Zapier and Make facilitate easy integration, syncing data across departments, updating files and records, and engaging customers with pre-built email sequences.

10 Top Customer Retention Tools

1. Salesforce 


Salesforce is a well-known leader among enterprise CRM platforms. It functions as a centralized hub, serving as the definitive source of truth where sales teams seamlessly capture and manage prospects. The platform goes beyond conventional CRM capabilities, allowing teams to deploy pre-built engagement sequences, automate repetitive tasks with if-then workflows, and seamlessly integrate with the broader marketing and growth stack.

For instance, the platform enables you to facilitate contract signings directly within Salesforce using integrations with Adobe Sign or DocuSign. Instantly collect payments by integrating with popular payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, or Braintree. Salesforce's versatility extends to generating comprehensive reports and dashboards, spotlighting key metrics vital for informed decision-making.

Key Features of Salesforce 

  • Sales teams can leverage pre-built engagement sequences to streamline communication and nurture customer relationships effectively.
  • Generate detailed reports and dashboards that highlight essential metrics, providing insights into customer behavior, engagement, and overall performance.
  • Use robust features for managing contracts and documents, ensuring seamless collaboration and transparency in customer interactions.
  • Tailor Salesforce to meet specific business needs through extensive customization options, allowing businesses to create personalized customer experiences.

Salesforce pricing

Salesforce offers different solutions. You can choose one that suits your needs and pay starts at $25 per user per month.

2. Zoho CRM 


Zoho CRM stands as a comprehensive customer relationship management solution, offering a suite of tools for sales, marketing, customer support, and customer retention in CRM. With its user-friendly interface, Zoho CRM facilitates efficient management of client relationships, propelling business growth and fostering customer retention.

Key Features of Zoho CRM

  • Prioritize your sales efforts by leveraging lead scoring, enabling you to focus on high-value prospects, close more deals, and ultimately increase revenue.
  • Provide stellar customer support using Zoho's help desk tools, ensuring a seamless experience for customers in need of assistance.

Zoho CRM pricing

  • Free plan
  • Standard: €14 per user per month, billed annually
  • Professional: €23 per user per month, billed annually
  • Enterprise: €40 per user per month, billed annually
  • Ultimate: €52 per user per month, billed annually

3. Zendesk 

Zendesk logo.svg

Zendesk emerges as a powerhouse customer retention software, seamlessly integrating customer interactions across various channels into one unified platform. Designed to simplify the lives of your CRM and customer service team, Zendesk boasts extensive support features and a responsive interface, bolstering customer relationships and nurturing enduring loyalty.

Key Features of Zendesk

  • Store internal processes and share valuable information with customers through knowledge bases, facilitating quick access to answers and reducing the influx of support tickets.
  • Create intelligent chatbots to promptly address customer questions and provide support. This proactive approach significantly reduces the number of issues escalated to your support representatives.
  • Extend your customer support reach to social media platforms seamlessly through Zendesk integrations. This ensures a consistent and responsive customer service experience across various channels.

Zendesk pricing

  • Suite Team: $55 per agent per month, billed annually
  • Suite Growth: $89 per agent per month, billed annually
  • Suite Professional: $115 per agent per month, billed annually
  • Suite Enterprise: Contact the vendor

4. ClickUp 


ClickUp is a game-changer in customer acquisition and retention that seamlessly blends advanced CRM functionalities with efficient project management. This all-in-one platform is designed to streamline your workflows, communication, collaboration, and analytics, ensuring the creation of enduring client relationships—from onboarding to expansion. 

Key Features of ClickUp

  • Monitor crucial customer retention metrics such as customer lifetime value, average order value, and churn rate.
  • Personalize your dashboard to display client orders, sales pipeline, and other account information through various formats like lists, Kanban boards, charts, tables, and more.
  • Automatically extract data from customer forms and transform feedback into actionable items.
  • Efficiently score and prioritize leads using automated formulas and a comprehensive range of sales templates.
  • Kickstart your customer retention strategy quickly with pre-built CRM templates.

ClickUp pricing

  • Free plan
  • Unlimited: $7 per member per month, billed annually
  • Business: $12 per member per month, billed annually
  • Enterprise: Contact the vendor

5. KissMetrics 

Kissmetrics: Event Analytics for Web, Mobile and More

KissMetrics empowers your organization with robust customer analytics, providing the fuel for informed decisions and strategic marketing initiatives. Through its user-friendly dashboard, you gain access to invaluable insights into user behavior, enabling the implementation of targeted marketing strategies that elevate customer retention rates and enhance engagement.

Key Features of KissMetrics

  • Segment your customer base and create focused marketing messages to bolster customer retention efforts.
  • Use machine learning to predict customer behavior, allowing for proactive and personalized engagement strategies.
  • Map out the entire customer journey to understand how users interact with your company at every stage of the sales process, optimizing touchpoints for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Conduct A/B testing of website or app versions and measure performance, ensuring continuous improvement and user-centric design.

KissMetrics pricing

  • Silver: $299 per month
  • Gold: $499 per month
  • Platinum: Contact the vendor

6. Qualaroo

Qualaroo Stock Price, Funding, Valuation, Revenue & Financial Statements

Qualaroo stands out as a customer retention solution, streamlining your customer experience and feedback collection through its intelligent survey tool. Empower your CRM team by gaining actionable insights from both existing and new customers. This allows you to grasp customer pain points and tailor strategies, ensuring maximum retention for your loyal customer base.

Key Features of Qualaroo

  • Easily send feedback surveys to customers, leveraging their opinions to enhance your products and boost overall customer satisfaction.
  • Gain valuable insights into user behavior by tracking where users click on your website or app. Use this information to refine and improve the overall user experience.
  • Dive deep into user interactions with your website or app by watching recordings. This not only aids in boosting conversion rates but also plays a crucial role in customer retention strategies.

Qualaroo pricing

Omni Channel | Email Surveys:

  • Free plan: 50 responses/forever free (includes 500 emails sends & 10k pageviews)
  • Business: $19.99 per 100 responses per month, billed annually (5000 email sends and 100k pageviews)

7. ProfitWell

ProfitWell Logo | Vector logo, ? logo, Logos

ProfitWell, a dynamic customer experience and retention software, takes the lead in optimizing subscription pricing, retaining customers, and reducing customer churn. Its powerful analytics tool delves into trends, analyzes customer behavior, and gives data-backed recommendations, empowering you to cultivate business growth.

Key Features of ProfitWell

  • Leverage advanced machine learning to predict customers most likely to churn, allowing for proactive retention strategies.
  • Forecast your revenue to make informed business decisions, providing a strategic edge for sustainable growth.
  • Segment and target your customer base with more relevant marketing messages, ensuring personalized engagement strategies.
  • Boost customer engagement by sending targeted in-app messages, effectively promoting your products and services directly to your audience.

ProfitWell pricing

  • Metrics: Free
  • Enterprise: Contact the vendor
  • Retain: Varies per month (based on revenue recovered) 
  • Recognized: Starting at $1000 per month
  • Price Intelligently: Starting at $15k per month

8. Open Loyalty

Open Loyalty - TEAM CANDI

Open Loyalty emerges as an assistant in the realm of customer retention, providing customizable loyalty programs that effortlessly reward your clients with tailored offers, personalized incentives, and exclusive rewards. This approach nurtures brand loyalty and fosters enduring relationships with repeat customers.

Key Features of Open Loyalty

  • Create and manage loyalty programs that incentivize customers to consistently choose your business, building a foundation for long-term relationships.
  • Enhance the allure of your loyalty program by applying discounts, offering free products, and distributing gift cards. These tactics make your program more appealing and engaging for customers.
  • Utilize robust data analytics to track the performance of your loyalty program. Ensure customer satisfaction and make informed decisions to continually enhance the effectiveness of your loyalty initiatives.

Open Loyalty pricing

Contact the vendor for pricing.

9. Hotjar 

Hotjar logo transparent PNG - StickPNG

Hotjar takes center stage by unveiling user behavior through heatmaps and session recordings, providing invaluable insights to enhance customer website experiences. Among the customer retention tools on this list, Hotjar uniquely addresses customer pain points, fostering increased customer loyalty and witnessing retention rates soar.

Key Features of Hotjar

  • Gather valuable thoughts from customers by sending Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, allowing you to gauge their sentiment and feedback on your product.
  • Utilize Hotjar's robust data analysis capabilities to pinpoint conversion opportunities, ensuring you make informed decisions to enhance overall customer engagement.
  • Access detailed insights into user behavior through features like mouse tracking and click tracking. These tools provide a deeper understanding of how users interact with your website, enabling targeted improvements.

Hotjar pricing

  • Observe Basic: Free
  • Observe Plus: €32 per month
  • Observe Business: €80 per month
  • Observe Scale: €171 per month
  • Ask Basic: Free
  • Ask Plus: €48 per month
  • Ask Business: €64 per month
  • Ask Scale: €128 per month
  • Engage Basic: Free
  • Engage Plus: €280 per month
  • Engage Business: €440 per month
  • Engage Scale: Contact the vendor

10. Mixpanel 

Brandfetch | Mixpanel Logos & Brand Assets

Mixpanel empowers you with cutting-edge customer analytics, delving deep into user interactions and behaviors. Leverage data-driven insights to acquire new customers, tailor personalized marketing campaigns, and enhance overall customer engagement.

Key Features of Mixpanel

  • Employ A/B testing, heatmaps, and funnel analysis tools to optimize conversion rates, ensuring your strategies resonate effectively with your audience.
  • Measure web traffic and engagement, presenting the data through visually appealing reports that provide a clear overview of your platform's performance.
  • Track user actions systematically, contributing to improved customer retention by understanding and addressing specific user needs.
  • Access real-time data, allowing you to stay on top of evolving trends and make agile, informed decisions.
  • Identify trends by analyzing historical data, offering a holistic view of your platform's performance over time.
  • Segment users based on various parameters such as actions, devices, and time, providing precise insights for targeted improvements.
  • Match user data seamlessly across devices, ensuring a cohesive understanding of user behavior regardless of the platform they use.

Mixpanel pricing

  • Starter: Free
  • Growth: Starting at $20 per month
  • Enterprise: Starting at $833 per month

Bottom Line

Customer retention is critical to long-term business growth. Various customer retention software tools can be used to set up, automate, and track retention campaign results. However, which tool you require is determined by your business kind as well as your sales and marketing methods. 

Congratulations! You've navigated through our carefully curated list of the best retention marketing tools. We hope you've enjoyed exploring the profiles of each software, delving into their distinctive features, and gaining insights into real-life applications. Armed with this knowledge, we're confident that your customer retention strategies are now poised to reach unparalleled heights. 

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Noah Jay Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Noah can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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