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Freshsales vs HubSpot: Full Comparison

Let’s consider two powerful CRM solutions: Freshsales vs HubSpot. Uncover the pros, cons, and key features in this in-depth comparison.

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Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp
Ivan Karp

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Published: Apr 05, 2024

| 21 mins read

Freshsales vs HubSpot: Comparison Table

Comparison Criteria





Rating on Capterra



Best for

Small, medium, large business

Small, medium, large business

Customer Support

  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Email/Help Desk
  • FAQs/Forum
  • Knowledge Base
  • Phone Support
  • 24/7 (Live Rep)
  • Chat


  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation
  • Videos
  • In Person
  • Live Online
  • Webinars
  • Documentation
  • Videos

Free plan




Starts at $15 per user per month

Starts at $45 per user per month

Comparison of HubSpot vs. Freshsales: A Quick Glance

Freshsales, a dynamic online CRM solution, is your partner in cultivating valuable relationships with potential and current customers. Established in 2016, this tool stands out with its AI-powered lead scoring, activity tracking, and seamless communication via phone and email. It gives you a comprehensive 360-degree perspective on your customers, including vital information on prospects, clients, tasks, appointments, touchpoints, and conversations.

With Freshsales, you can effortlessly send bulk emails and keep a close eye on activities. The inbox is cleverly designed to prioritize emails from leads and contacts eagerly awaiting your response. On top of that, Freshsales diligently observes the websites your prospects visit and skillfully segments contacts based on their behavior.

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On the other hand, HubSpot equips you with a versatile set of instruments to streamline contact organization and fortify your customer relationships. Say goodbye to the hassles of spreadsheets and cluttered inboxes as HubSpot offers robust pipeline management and customer tracking through email, social media, and phone channels. Stay in the loop with an up-to-date view of your sales pipeline and a visually engaging dashboard showcasing detailed reports on sales performance, both at the team and individual levels. HubSpot offers unlimited users, data, and up to 10,000 contacts without an expiration date whether for a team of 1 or 1,000.



Pipedrive CRM is a user-friendly platform that is effortless to master. It is the creative web designer's secret weapon in the world of Customer Relationship Management. 



CRM was created ready for the modern world to help users run businesses and start selling. Moreover, it is the ultimate CRM for web designers, offering a versatile toolkit that improves client relationships.



It is a web-based email marketing management service for small and medium businesses. It automates the entire marketing process - from managing your email marketing campaign to maintaining mailing lists.



Salesforce is an industry leader known for its mammoth feature set and endless customization options. The platform can adapt to any industry, from manufacturing to insurance. 

Freshsales vs HubSpot: Features

Let's delve into the standout features of Freshsales, which aim to simplify your CRM experience:

  • Customization: Freshsales empowers users to adapt the system to their unique requirements. You can rename core modules to match your business terminology, create custom fields, operate in multiple currencies and languages, define an array of custom sales activities, and fine-tune user roles with precise access controls.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Freshsales takes your sales efficiency up a notch. Stay in the loop with real-time notifications, gain easy access to vital information, and effortlessly import data from various sources all in one place. You'll receive timely alerts for upcoming appointments and new record assignments. Plus, migrating your data from other CRM solutions is a breeze.
  • Effortless Communication: Make calls with a single click, and leverage Freshcaller to handle call transfers, recordings, and automatic logging of calls to the relevant records. Freshchat, another handy tool, lets you engage in real-time conversations with leads and convert website visitors into potential customers – all within the software. Furthermore, you can seamlessly integrate with different SMS service providers for sending personalized messages to your leads and clients.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Freshsales fosters teamwork. Teams can easily share reports, campaigns, appointments, tasks, and assignments among representatives and across locations. They can access a shared inbox visible to all members, enabling any team member to jump into a conversation and keep it rolling. The icing on the cake is Freshconnect, which allows team members to invite colleagues to join conversations and gives them access to all ongoing discussions.

HubSpot brings a range of tools to the table that are all about turbocharging your team's productivity. Let's break down these features:

  • Email Tracking: HubSpot's got your back when it comes to keeping tabs on your emails. It automatically pops up a notification when your recipient opens your email or clicks a link. What's more, all your email communications are neatly logged on the contact timeline, giving you info on your prospect's journey through the sales funnel.
  • Documents Tool: Imagine having a library of sales and marketing content at your fingertips, and you can easily share it with your entire team via email. HubSpot lets you do just that. Plus, it serves up aggregated metrics on how your content is performing and fires off instant alerts when users engage with your materials.
  • Sales Insights: Dive deep into your prospects' behaviors, close those deals at lightning speed, and automate routine tasks. HubSpot brings the power of meeting scheduling, email tracking, and automation into your toolkit. And that's not all – the website tools also provide valuable insights into your clients' online activity. If you need to set up appointments in a flash, the 'click to call' feature will help you.
  • Marketing: HubSpot doesn't stop at sales – it's a marketing tool too. You can create website forms to attract those valuable leads, and the system automatically funnels them into your software. Plus, you can leverage contact activity tools to tailor your marketing efforts based on your customers' recent actions.

Powerful CRM System


Let monday sales CRM do the grunt work while your team stays focused on high-level tasks, such as creative projects, business strategy, and relationship building. 
Just like any other CRM out there, it has its learning curve but its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone on the team to use without needing any prior technical knowledge or experience.
You can communicate with customers, visualize and analyze customer data, and use dashboards and templates to simplify operations. monday sales CRM offers loads of scalability, enabling small businesses to run and manage any workflow.
monday sales CRM is a visual platform, so that's what makes it such a simple and easy tool to use for any team or organization. Teams can be overwhelmed by dealing with multiple tasks and timelines. The platform dashboards allow anyone to navigate it easily. Despite its simplicity, the platform is just as powerful.


Freshsales vs HubSpot CRM: Pros and Cons


Advantages of Freshsales:

  • A Wealth of Features: Freshsales shines with its extensive array of features, including pipelines, bulk actions, integrated phone support, multi-channel communication, lead scoring, and much more. 
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Freshsales lets you customize the system to your unique requirements. You can easily integrate it with other applications and fine-tune it to suit specific use cases.
  • Impressive Reporting Tools: Freshsales doesn't skimp on reporting and analytics. You'll have the tools you need to dive deep into customer interactions, track progress, and adapt your processes for optimal performance.
  • Budget-Friendly: Freshsales provides powerful functions without emptying your pockets. It offers a wealth of features at a price point that's notably lower than industry leader HubSpot.
  • User-Friendly Design: Freshsales is intentionally designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. It won't take you long to get the hang of it and start using it effectively.
  • Automation at Your Fingertips: Freshsales empowers you with automation features that streamline your operations and save you valuable time. It's all about efficiency.


Benefits of HubSpot CRM:

  • User-Friendly Experience: HubSpot CRM is created to be accessible and intuitive, ensuring it's a great fit for businesses of all sizes. It's hassle-free and user-friendly.
  • Streamlined Workflows: Creating automations and custom workflows is a breeze with HubSpot CRM. Simplify your processes and expedite your business operations with ease.
  • Seamless Integration: HubSpot CRM seamlessly harmonizes with the entire HubSpot suite. This means you can effortlessly keep tabs on your sales and marketing activities all within one platform, simplifying your operations.
  • Report Generating: Generate personalized reports to monitor performance and unveil valuable insights into customer behavior. It's all about data-driven decision-making.
  • Tailored Dashboards: Build a dashboard that's uniquely suited to your specific business needs. It's all about having the information that matters most at your fingertips.
  • Sales Tools: HubSpot CRM empowers you to automate incentive programs and recognize and reward your employees when they hit their sales targets. It's a motivator for your team.
  • Efficient Lead Management: Capture and manage leads, whether they are from online or offline sources. Enhance your lead generation capabilities without breaking a sweat.

Freshsales Downsides:

  • Limited Automation: The automation capabilities in Freshsales are somewhat limited, potentially hindering your efforts to streamline and optimize processes.
  • Lack of Video Marketing Features: If you're looking for video marketing capabilities, Freshsales may not be the ideal choice as it doesn't provide this functionality.
  • Missing Built-In Form Builder: Freshsales doesn't include a built-in form builder, which could be a drawback if you need to create forms for various purposes.

HubSpot CRM Drawbacks:

  • Costly with Comprehensive Features: While HubSpot comes with a bundle of features, it can get expensive when you consider everything included in the package.
  • Complex User Experience: Some users might find HubSpot's user experience a bit overwhelming, particularly if they're not tech-savvy, making navigation a challenge for them.
  • Pricing Complexity: HubSpot's pricing plans can be complex and raise costs rather swiftly, potentially causing budgetary concerns.
  • Challenging Utilization: The all-encompassing features of HubSpot can sometimes be challenging to fully leverage, requiring a learning curve to make the most of them.

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Freshsales CRM vs HubSpot CRM: Easy of Use

Freshsales is absolutely easy to use and well-designed, with all functions easily accessible. The UI is sleek and uncluttered, which is surprising for a program with so many capabilities. There is an amazing knowledge base with video tutorials to assist you in getting started.

Best of all, Freshsales offers phone, email, and chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week—even to free users. That means troubleshooting should never be a major issue, and the learning curve is significantly reduced.

According to Hubspot's CTO, 'the number one thing we are solving for' is simplicity of use. And the product confirms this. It's incredibly simple to grasp, even if you're combining elements from many Hubs. That demonstrates the design mindset that has driven Hubspot's growth—even as the product has diversified, usability has not been overlooked.

To get the most out of Hubspot, it's usually best to have an in-house specialist on hand, but that doesn't mean that an untrained administrator can't handle the majority of what most firms will require.

One minor issue with Hubspot's customer service is that one-on-one assistance is very limited:

  • Only Professional and Enterprise users can call a support representative.
  • Free users have no access to chat or email assistance.

While Hubspot has created a huge amount of training material, the nature of CRM necessitates highly individualized solutions on a case-by-case basis. If your use case isn't addressed or you don't have the experience to find your own path, troubleshooting could be difficult.

Freshsales vs HubSpot: Scalability

Review of Freshsales CRM: Is It the Right CRM for You?

Because of the variety of the product offerings, both Freshsales and Hubspot excel at scalability.

Freshsales works in tandem with Freshdesk (customer service), Freshchat (bots and messaging), Freshmarketer (marketing automation), and Freshservice (IT administration).

All of those additional platforms make it more efficient in terms of onboarding and maintenance to entrust more and more of your business software requirements to Freshworks' expert hands.

Many of the usage constraints that Freshsales users encounter are removed at the Enterprise level, but there aren't many intriguing new capabilities. However, at $69 per user each month, this has to be one of the most affordable, truly "Enterprise" solutions accessible.

The Sales Hub is simply one of five separate sets of paid tools available from Hubspot. The others are:

  • Marketing Hub
  • Customer Service Hub
  • CMS Hub
  • Operations Hub

These are all focused on Go To Market (GTM) activities, making the entire package far more cohesive and each aspect more complementary to one another than Freshworks' entire range. So Freshworks has more breadth, but Hubspot has gone deeper by focusing on a specific area.

Hubspot provides APIs for each of its Hubs. And its app marketplace is far larger than Freshsales'. Freshsales has over 80 integrations, including those with other Freshworks applications. Hubspot, on the other hand, has over 350 free apps, not to mention paid ones.

When you choose the Enterprise package, you get many extra features that are useful for large enterprises (for example, hierarchical teams, custom objects, and playbook uploads). While neither product's pure CRM capabilities improve significantly at this level, Hubspot appears to be better suited for large enterprises.

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Freshsales vs HubSpot CRM: Pricing

Freshsales offers an excellent free plan with limited features that supports up to three users. Their paid plan is divided into three tiers and is available for monthly or annual billing. An annual plan starts at $15 per month per user and goes up to $69 per month per user. Monthly rates start at $18 per user per month and go up to $83 per user per month.

HubSpot has four pricing tiers: free, starter, professional, and enterprise. The Free Plan is excellent for individuals and small businesses, while the Starter Plan includes up to 1,000 contacts, embeddable forms, email marketing, live chat, and conversational bots. A landing page builder, as well as blogging and social media management capabilities, are included with the Professional Plan. The Enterprise Plan includes all HubSpot capabilities and up to 10,000 contacts.

HubSpot vs. Freshsales: Which One Is Better?

Freshsales vs Hubspot: Objective and in-depth comparison of the two SaaS  CRMs | Avoma

Freshsales and HubSpot are both excellent solutions for your company's customer relationship management software requirements. They provide free versions, which is advantageous for new teams that require assistance. Their compatibility with regularly used apps is a benefit. However, when selecting your software program, you should also take into account their variances.

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Ivan Karp

Managing Director at SyncMatters, Europe

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