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20 Top CRM Experts to Take Advise

Discover what are the 20 top crm experts to take advise. We left the links to their profiles and things they specialize in.

Noah Jay Hendricks
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Noah Jay Hendricks
Noah Jay Hendricks
Noah Jay Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Noah can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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Published: Apr 05, 2024

| 17 mins read

Nowadays, the social networks use is gaining more and more importance. Therefore, today it is difficult to find a person who does not use them. The CRM and Industry experts are no exception. Some of them are veterans, and others are new to the industry. However, all of them is worth your attention. We present you the list of such people found on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. So, pay attention to Top CRM Experts.

Please note that the list includes experts according to their activity in social networks and outside them, a number of posts and followers. Besides, all of them are placed in a random order, so the list below is not a Top CRM experts rating.

Meet 20 Top CRM Experts and Industry Analysts

Paul Greenberg

paul greenberg

1. Paul Greenberg – a founder & Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, an advisory firm, focused on customer-facing strategic services.

This expert presents himself as an Industry analyst. However, in the CRM world, he is well known under the pseudonym “The Godfather of CRM” and the social CRM father. Moreover, his book “CRM at the Speed of Light: Social CRM Strategy, Tools, and Techniques for Engaging Your Customers” is translated into 9 languages and is called “Bible CRM.” He has numerous awards as a marketing, sales, customer service, social media, and CRM leader; and is a blogger at ZDNet’s Social CRM: The Conversation.

Jim Dickie

jim dickie

2. Jim Dickie – an Independent Research Director and co-founder of the research firm CSO Insights – a Division of Miller Heiman Group.

He is more than 29 years experienced in sales and marketing management. Also, Jim is a contributing editor of “CRM magazine and Top Sales World.” And a board member of the Baylor University’s Center for Professional Selling, World Business Review and Trustee for The Morris Animal Foundation. He is often invited to the conferences on sales transformation, CRM issues, and social sales. Jim’s CSO Insight is a benchmark for tracking the evolution of sales efficiency and advisor on ways to solve the possible issues.

Bob Thompson

bob thompson

3. Bob Thompson – a founder and editor-in-chief of the world’s largest business community CustomerThink, author of the book “Hooked on Customers.”

He has much more than 15 years of experience in customer-facing roles, sales, customer management & business consulting and executive. Also, Bob has essential skills in research and online community development. His primary goal is to help a business owner to create beneficial customer relationships. Therefore, Bob founded CustomerThink to collect the customer-centric leader’s thoughts.

Barry Dalton

barry dalton

4. Barry Dalton – a seasoned expert in digital customer service consulting and Group Head – Digital Medical & Advanced Analytics.

He is an expired specialist in CRM, social media and data quality for efficient customer service. Barry spent over 20 years consulting for Fortune 500 and medium-market companies. The primary Barry’s points are in such areas as an impact of digital customer experience disruption, understanding customer behavior, demand formation and barrier analysis for digital interactions and collaboration.

Jesus Hoyos

jesus hoyos

5. Jesús Hoyos – a Partner and co-founder of Solvis Consulting.

He has over 22 years of experience in providing leadership in CRM initiatives. Besides, Jesús is a blogger at SolvisConsulting, Twitterer, frequent conference speaker, an independent analyst. Also, he is the Social Media Club Mexico City co-founder, a CRMIdol (a CRM contest for SMBs) Primary judge, and an Influencer for the CRM and Social Media Industry in Latin America.
Jesús’s point of view is at:

  • Social Command Centers integrating social media monitoring tools and traditional CRM solutions.
  • Social CRM strategies.
  • Community Platform implementations.
  • Marketing Automation engagements.
  • Social Media Conversation Maps to identify Social CRM use cases.
  • Working with Call Center Outsourcers/BPOs to integrate social media technologies.
  • Social CRM Package Selection.
  • Working with Digital Agencies in the integration of CRM use cases.

Mitch Milam

titch milan

6. Mitch Milam -Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for the Dynamics CRM product, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Architect: Designer, Builder, Educator, Writer.

As he has over 27 years of experience in the computer industry, It is fair to name him as a CRM industry veteran. Mitch educates Dynamics CRM users by:

  • writing books, training material, and articles for RockMyCRM blog
  • teaching Microsoft & custom classes, attending conferences and webinars as a speaker
  • gives individuals, teams, and companies advice and mentors.

Rich Bohn

rich bohn

7. Rich Bohn – Independent Analyst of CRM Solutions.

He likes to say that he is “The oldest living independent CRM analyst.” And mainly this thesis is right because Rich is President and Executive Editor, Chief CRM Analyst for more than 33 years.
Also. He is an author of books for sales professionals to help them get the most from the CRM.
His focus is on B2B small/mid-size companies. As well, if that’s you, Rich offers you his help.

Let’s continue our Top CRM experts overview.

Andrew Bibby

andrew bibby

8. Andrew Bibby – a Microsoft certified Dynamics 365/CRM specialist and Microsoft Business Solutions MVP for CRM.

He is experienced in tracking solutions and deals across all the project lifecycle since 2007.
Сurrently, Andrew works as an independent contractor for highly professional organizations (e.g., Willis Group, Catlin, South West Water, etc.). His focus is on implementing Dynamics CRM solutions. Andrew interprets the functional and technical specifications to facilitate successful business decisions. By the way, he is experienced in finding CRM solutions in complex business environments. Also, Andrew is a blogger on his blog and Twitter.

Pierre Hulsebus

pierre hulsebus

9. Pierre Hulsebus – Global Black Belt for Microsoft.

His experience on the Microsoft Dynamics Platform is over 17 years. But, his practice as a technology professional began in the late ’80s. He is a Board Member of Ferris State Marketing and Sales Advisory Program, the Founder and Vice President of Programming for the West Michigan Microsoft Dynamics CRM User Group. Pierre works with global projects to automate ordinary life through using technology and organizational change. In addition, he is a writer, speaker, Scribe MVP, blogger at CRMGuru, and Tweeter.

Mitch Lieberman

mitch lieberman

10. Mitch Lieberman – Analyst, Program Director – Conversational Intelligence.

Not that long ago, he was a Director of Research at G2 Crowd. Now he helps business owners to find patterns and the dots connections across the enterprise. He believes that success can be achieved by creating tight relations between business strategy, stakeholder goals, customer needs and turns analytical sights on Conversational Commerce, Relationship Intelligence, and Conversational Intelligence. His primary point is to help enterprise executives to bring customer care, increase marketing and natural language understanding, machine learning, analytics and big data.

Daniel Barnett

daniel barnett

11. Daniel Barnett -Founder @ WORKetc CRM.

WORKetc software is a business management cloud app with all-in-one CRM for a small and medium business. Daniel’s goal for WORKetc is to make the customers sit back at the end of every day and think “today was just a little bit easier than yesterday because of WORKetc.”
Besides, he writes articles at WORK[etc] blog.

Thomas Wieberneit

thomas wieberneit

12. Thomas Wieberneit – Principal Consultant; Co-Founder, Co-CEO, Principal of aheadCRM; CEO at Epikonic; Advisor, Featured Columnist at CustomerThink.

He is an expert in the software industry, IT consulting, armed forces with over 20 years of leadership experience. Thomas is an experienced CRM practitioner. He obtains the unique combination of development, quality management, and consulting, for efficiently translating business needs into technology solutions. Thomas continually assesses people, systems, processes to define weaknesses that make obstacles to the organization and provides innovative solutions.

Micah Oren Feldkamp

micah fieldkamp

13. Micah Oren Feldkamp – CRM consultant, and Insightly Guru, Science Officer at 74 Systems.

He knows the essential aspects of the future CRM setting up, many interesting facts about Insightly and customer service.
Micah has a strong understanding of SaaS business solutions with the ability to learn new applications fast. So, he can assist you with implementing the best practice processes in Insightly.

Jonathan Moran

jonathan moran

14. Jonathan Moran -Global Director of Product Marketing at Earnix.

He is an Experienced B2B Product Marketing Professional. Jonathan is an expert in customer experience and engagement solutions for the telecommunications, retail, financial, insurance, life sciences, manufacturing, and travel/transportation industries. He can teach you how to close accounts and drive large-scale revenue across multiple industries. Go forward read an Interview with Jonathan Moran and continue reading Top CRM experts' brief overview.

Fabrice Cathala

fabrice cathala

15. Fabrice Cathala – Salesforce Technical Lead at Appirio, Seasoned IT professional.

He has over 23 years working in various areas of enterprise computing. At the first time, he increased Salesforce implementation in 2005 for Symantec, with 3.000 seats worldwide. He is a specialist in managing data centers operations. Also, he is Co-founder of the London Salesforce User Group, Co-organiser of the Thames Valley Salesforce Developer Group, Founder of the Swindon Developer Group, Speaker at the conferences, and Blogger at saas-components. We took an Interview With Fabrice Cathala for Trujay in 2020, but it is supposed that the mentioned thoughts are still relevant.

Susan Parsons

susan parsons

16. Susan Parsons – Director, U.S. CRM & Loyalty at McDonald’s

She has more than 15 years of Marketing leadership experience managing email, mobile, print, radio and loyalty program strategy and execution. Susan knows how to create a subscription base for various channels of digital marketing, and create a platform for customer relationships development. Also, she has extensive experience in using complex CRM applications, marketing lifecycle agreements, team building and management, and transaction management.

Clarissa Simpson

clarissa simpson

17. Clarissa Simpson – MS Dynamics CRM Administrator, Business Systems Analyst at Ford Motor Company

She is a quality and detail-oriented CRM Technology Professional & Microsoft MVP, with broad experience in many disciplines of business management. Clarissa is a well-rounded, seasoned CRM consultant and business professional, She offers a wealth of experiential knowledge, and teaches how to use that wisdom and what to do with it. That is why she successfully engages with colleagues, vendors, and teams, with an ability to navigate through complex challenges. According to her words, she values new professional acquaintances in the CRM arena and is glad to conversate with them if they want to talk about CRM technology.

Gabriel Gheorghiu

gabriel  gheorghiu

18. Gabriel Gheorghiu – Experienced consultant and analyst focusing on business software and customer interactions

Gabriel is CRM expert, software researcher, Oracle certified associate, consultant and analyst who focuses on business software and customer interactions. With more than 7 years experience in CRM enterprise software research, he can help you With Oracle CRM implementation and Oracle Database Administration.

Frank Lee

frank lee

19. Frank Lee – president of Workopia and a Microsoft CRM MVP.

He is a CRM enthusiast. Frank’s focus is on Microsoft CRM Online, cloud and mobile computing, business process management, commercial banking and luxury brands CRM. Also, he is a blogger. You can look at his articles, best practices, tips, news, and events about Microsoft CRM Online on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Online Blog.

David Brock

david brock

20. David Brock – President and CEO at Partners In EXCELLENCE, Member of the Advisory Board at DecisionLink.

Well, here is the last yet not the least member of Top CRM experts list. He helps organizations and individuals achieve profound improvements in their ability to achieve their goals for over 27 years. He can advise you how to improve the sales productivity/effectiveness, strategic alliances/partnering, value proposition development, leadership, and business strategy. David is experienced in many industries on every continent. He is an author “Sales Manager Survival Guide,” and many publications in magazines and blogs. Besides, he is a speaker at conferences.
David provides coaching and mentoring to individuals ranging from CEO through individual contributors.

Final Speech

As you can see, there are many CRM and Industry Experts worth your attention to learn and take advice. So, it is supposed to take into account the Top CRM Experts, connect them and get useful insights on how to make your company successful.

After that, you are welcome to come back to Trujay Migration, import your data into the desired CRM and run the business in a new way.

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Noah Jay Hendricks

When not knee-deep in his vegetable garden, wrestling with weeds, Noah can be found daydreaming about engaged and happy customers who never have to worry about their CRM because it’s working for them, not against them.

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