What is Agile CRM?

If you`re looking for a solid CRM that serves all customer-facing departments, Agile offers a comprehensive solution. The platform delivers enhanced contact management and a wealth of features for sales, marketing, and customer service. The rich functionality comes at an affordable price tag, too.

Smart Contact Management

Instead of filling in your contacts manually, you can import client records from virtually any other software, such as Quickbooks, Outlook, Stripe, or your former CRM. Seamless integration with the Dedupely app means you don`t have to worry about duplicate records.

When you open up the client record, you`ll see much more than contact details. Agile CRM gives you deep insights into who your customers are, recording info such as:

Interaction historyNotesTasksDealsMessagesClient documentsWeb activityEventsCampaigns

You can even rate clients out of five stars. Agile CRM also provides marketing tags to help you sort your customers by deal stage, location, job role, or any other criteria you value.

Standout Marketing Features

Landing Page Exit – Plenty of marketing CRMs offer landing page templates, and Agile CRM is no exception. But this software goes further by providing exit-intent popups. Agile`s landing pages can detect when a user moves the cursor to exit. Instead of letting prospects get away, Agile CRM ropes them back in with a promotional popup.

Not Just Email Campaigns – You need more than email campaigns to reach the younger generation of consumers. Agile CRM`s campaigns let you reach prospects on all channels, such as SMS, social media, text messaging, and video.

Web Analytics – Agile CRM offers insight into how prospects behave online, such as web visits, time on page, buying preferences, and referring URLs.

Standout Sales Features

Social Prospecting & Lead Enrichment – Find the leads you want on social media with Agile`s social prospecting feature. The phone number isn`t listed on that LinkedIn account? No problem. If you have a name and company, Agile CRM can enrich your leads using the Google Chrome extension. Any details Agile finds will be imported to the contact record.

Lead Scoring Automation – You determine how the leads are scored, and Agile CRM does the rest. Each time a prospect interacts with the company, Agile will recalculate their score and update the contact record. Use this information to nurture prospects with the right content, and ensure they reach sales once they become a qualified lead.

Modern Communication Channels – Agile`s advanced telephony features allow you to call, record and automate calls from your CRM. You can also send SMS directly from the CRM, both manually and automatically. For example, if a prospect requests a demo on your website, this could trigger an SMS message setting an appointment.

Pipeline Management (or “deal track” in the Agile parlance) – You can easily build and update your sales pipeline using the drag and drop tiles. Use pipeline filters to view the data you need, such as by deal stage, lost deals, or rotting deals. The Regular and Enterprise tiers allow you to create unlimited pipelines.

Customer Service

Agile CRM comes with a full-featured customer service arm, including service automation, live chat, knowledge base, and help desk ticketing. You can also translate all of your customer data into reports, such as average time spent with customers and ratio of tickets solved. The service dashboard gives you a bird`s eye view of all open tickets and their progress toward resolution.


  • Contact management
  • Project management
  • Deals
  • Telephony
  • Schedule appointments
  • Social CRM
  • Landing page builder
  • Calendar management
  • Help desk
  • Invoice management
  • Lead generation
  • Project tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Document management
  • Task management
  • Lead management
  • Web forms


  • Free trial - yes 
  • Starter - $14,99 per user per month
  • Regular - $49,99 per user per month
  • Enterprise- $79,99 per user per month


  • Sales enablement
  • Marketing automation
  • Service automation
  • Training workshop
  • Online Phone
  • Setup guides
  • Email