What is DonorPerfect?

DonorPerfect, based in Pennsylvania, is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed exclusively for Non-profits wanting to raise money. It is available as a cloud-based solution and can be used by both small and large NGOs. Users may access it from anywhere with an internet connection.

DonorPerfect has a five-pronged fundraising strategy. Fundraising activities, gift processing, reporting and analysis, information management, and nonprofit payment tools are the five components. Fundraising activities aid in the management of donor connections as well as the tracking and execution of various fundraising efforts. Donation processing makes keeping track of any type of donation simple.

Management can observe the results of campaigns and better manage them thanks to reporting and analysis. Nonprofits can go virtual and obtain important donor information without having to dig through piles of paper due to information management. Nonprofit payment systems enable groups to raise funds through a variety of channels, including social media, online donations, recurring gifts, and e-check processing. DonorPerfect is also available on mobile devices, with iOS and Android versions available.

The Asheville Humane Society required assistance in covering non-government-funded campaigns and allowing employees to access the same information from any location. DonorPerfect helped the company fund $2.5 million for a new building while also exceeding the direct mail campaign's targets. With web-based access to vital information and messages, the group was also able to reconnect with lapsed supporters and boost fundraising results.