What is Keap CRM(formerly Infusionsoft)?

When you think of CRM software, the words “helpful” and “easy” don`t often spring to mind. Yet, Keap is just that. It manages to pack some of the industry`s most sophisticated sales and marketing tools into a user-friendly interface. Once the Keap team onboards you, you don`t have to think about using the software. You can jump right into managing your contacts, supercharging your sales team, and expanding your brand reach.

Smart contact management

When you click on a contact, you can see all the information associated with the account. This goes beyond contact details to include:

Purchases & paymentsMessagesTasks & appointmentsPipeline stageDeal valueClient documents. The client record also contains any tags you`ve assigned. Tags are categories that help you segment customers into marketing lists, such as deal stage, how the client converted, and deal value, to name a few. Whatever your business needs to prioritize, you can create a tag for it.

Automate complex marketing and sales processes

Use the “Easy Automation” feature to build automated, multistep campaigns for sales and marketing. Keap offers engagement-split automation, meaning it will direct prospects to either sales or marketing depending on how they behave. For instance, responding to an email could automatically update the prospect`s lead score, and assign them to a sales rep. Prospects that don`t respond remain in a marketing track for more nurturing. Through responsive automation paths, Keap ensures the customers receive the right message for their stage of the buyer`s journey.

Keap`s automation feature isn`t just effective–it`s simple to use. In just minutes, you can reduce your workload with a new workflow. Drag and drop tasks into the sequence you need—and you`re done.

Refine your marketing strategy

If you`re a small business without a dedicated marketing team, Keap`s Strategy Guides have you covered. Nine broad categories of businesses are included, from medical to real estate to consulting. Once you choose your industry, Keap will ask you about your goals. Do you need to generate leads, nurture leads, or keep customers coming back? Based on your answer, Keap guides you on using the CRM to achieve your goals, such as building a sales and marketing funnel tailored to your business. Keap support also provides video tutorials and live chat with an expert.

Quick templates for landing pages and emails

You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful landing pages and email templates. Keap gives you a preview of how each will look on a mobile screen. You can then send your campaign to the right target using the tags you created in the contact records.


Keap supports your online business with inventory management, checkout, payment processing, and order fulfillment. You can manage clients through the entire retail cycle, from prospect to payment.


  • Automation
  • Email marketing
  • B2B capabilities
  • Invoices
  • Appointments
  • Mobile apps
  • SMS marketing
  • Quotes
  • Reminders & reports
  • Internal forms
  • Landing pages
  • Sales pipeline
  • A/B testing
  • Recurring payments
  • Checkout forms
  • Lead scoring
  • Analytics


  • Free trial - yes
  • Lite- $40 per user per month
  • Pro - $75 per user per month
  • Max - $100 per user per month


  • Webinars
  • Training
  • Knowledge base
  • User community
  • Documentation
  • Phone
  • Email