What is Vtiger CRM?

Vtiger is a highly customizable CRM, making it ideal for those who have a unique business model. It comes with 61 different modules that span everything from customer service to invoicing to project management and more. If that`s not enough choice, you can create your own modules too.

The solution is comprehensive, and all your customer-facing departments will get an extensive range of tools. If there`s anywhere the CRM struggles, it`s beneath the weight of so many features and custom options. This presents a steep learning curve, and training is required to reap the benefits of Vtiger CRM.

Ease of Use

Vtiger tries to manage its long list of features with a nested menu interface. This means sections of the CRM can collapse or expand to reveal more or less information. This is essential, considering the number of options Vtiger offers. For example, in your contact records, you can view the following:

SMSLog a MeetingQuotesDocumentsDealsPurchase OrdersSales ordersProductsCampaignsInvoicesService contractsServicesProjectsAssetsVendorsCasesWork ordersE-sign documents.

As you can see, without the nesting feature the contact record would be too crowded to read. Vtiger lets you build the record around your must-have data while collapsing the rest. However, the layout takes some getting used to, and it`s easy to forget what information is hidden. And you`re always a few clicks away from customer data. While the CRM is straightforward to navigate, information is not at-a-glance or at your fingertips with Vtiger.

Users make a trade-off between Vtiger`s extensive functionality and ease of use. We recommend the 15-day trial to see if the nested layout works for you.


Vtiger allows you to customize the software as follows:

View data through customized filtersCreate custom modulesAdd custom fieldsDesign your own automationCustom webformsBuild custom reportsCreate your own lead-scoring rulesCustom layouts and dashboards. In other words, virtually everything in Vtiger is customizable. The CRM also bills itself as flexible enough to suit many industries: SaaS, financial services, and real estate.

Communication & Collaboration

Vtiger enhances communication with customers and between team members. All customer touchpoints flow into Vtiger. You can check and send SMS, socials, calls, and email without bouncing between screens. Customers can meet you on their preferred channel without you ever losing the thread of communication. Plus, every interaction is automatically logged in the client record.

Vtiger also offers real-time communication between teams. From anywhere in the CRM, you can @mention a staff member by name. This allows you to update teammates on projects, deals, documents, and other business processes without ever leaving the CRM. The recipient will get a notification that takes them straight to the mention.

Vtiger also provides an internal chat feature. You can discuss clients and projects in real-time, even when working remotely. Status indicators make it clear when colleagues are available.


Vtiger offers 21 standard workflow automations for tasks such as inventory updates, email follow-ups, and record updates. You can also create your own multi-step workflows.

Unlike other CRMs, Vtiger makes its automation templates available even for the Starter plan. However, custom workflows are limited according to your subscription tier.

Marketing & Sales Features

Vtiger doesn`t just offer enhanced communication and contact management. It can also manage your sales and marketing departments. Managing leads becomes effortless, and you can deliver the right campaign to the right audience.

Lead management: With Vtiger, you capture every opportunity and prioritize the prospects you`re most likely to close. Leads are recorded from all your communication channels and website. You can also set up automated lead assignments based on location, round-robin, or an assignment rule of your choosing. A customizable lead scorer then directs you to your hottest leads. Vtiger`s Actions page helps keep leads moving through the pipeline. You will receive alerts reminding you of next-steps in the sales process. Filters let you see the leads that need your attention most. You can act quickly before the window of engagement closes—-or ask a teammate to help out. The customer profiles ensure any team member can pick up right where you left off.

Marketing campaigns: You can easily segment your audience using Vtiger`s tags and filters. Next, choose a marketing template and set up an automated email campaign. The visual elements aren`t as sophisticated as you would find in marketing-specific apps. But for the small businesses that Vtiger targets, most will find them adequate. Vtiger also provides email metrics, such as clicks, opens, bounces, and unsubscribe requests. You can see which email campaigns engage your audience and which need improvement.
Help Desk

Vtiger also offers several tools for customer service teams, such as:

A single platform for all customer channels360-degree customer profiles to ensure you provide context-aware assistanceAutomate responses to routine queriesCreate an online knowledge base so customers can help themselvesVisualize useful metrics such as case resolution time, customer satisfaction ratings, and team and individual workloadsAutomate ticket creation and rep assignment.


How do you extract the insight you need from thousands of records? In addition to collecting customer information, Vtiger is always in the background analyzing your data. The CRM comes with 20 reports for sales, marketing, employee performance, and more. You can also create custom reports, and program Vtiger to produce timed reports, such as weekly, quarterly, or annually. You choose how your data is displayed using charts, pie graphs, or timelines.


  • Opportunity Management
  • Workflow Automation
  • Case Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Contact Management
  • Forecasting
  • Lead Management
  • Performance Reporting
  • Security Management
  • Product Customization
  • Flexible Workflows
  • AI Insights
  • Tasks and Activities
  • Reporting and Anlaytics
  • Mobile Apps
  • Project Management
  • Inventory Management


  • Free trial- yes
  • Pilot - $0 per user per month
  • One Professional - $30 per user per month
  • One Enterprise - $42 per user per month


  • Training
  • Chat
  • Phone
  • Email