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How can I find a number of Act! CRM records?

To find out a number of your Act! records, sign in to your account and choose the module you want to verify the records of. For instance, click ‘Contacts’. You will be able to see a total amount of people in the middle of your page layout. Then, you may count other records in the

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To find the number of Act! CRM records, you can follow these steps


  1. Access the Act! CRM System: Open the Act! CRM software on your computer or log in to the Act! CRM web portal using your credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Record List: Once you are logged in, navigate to the section or module where the records are stored. This could be contacts, companies, opportunities, or any other custom modules you have set up.

  3. Check the Total Record Count: Look for an indicator or display that shows the total number of records in that specific module. Act! CRM usually provides a count of records somewhere on the page, often near the top or bottom.

  4. Utilize Filters and Search: If you need to count records based on specific criteria, you can use filters or search functionality to narrow down the list. Apply the desired filters or search terms to display a subset of records, and the count indicator should adjust accordingly.

  5. Consider Using Reports: Act! CRM also offers reporting features that can generate detailed reports with record counts. Explore the reporting options within Act! CRM to create custom reports that include the record count for specific modules or criteria.

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