What is Agendize?

Agendize is an appointments and scheduling management system that offers companies an interactive single-platform solution. The solution helps both startups and large corporations to scale up the product development cycle. It’s a one-stop solution and easy to install tool that helps generate leads from traffic. One of the best things about Agendize is that it has tools so simple that can be used by even basic users to convert traffic into active clients. The software not only schedules complex tasks in a user-friendly interface but it also offers integrations to some of the most famous apps to improve the overall operations. These operations include tools with deep API integrations to be used on custom or even on an existing platform. Agendize is designed keeping in mind a human-centered design for its Online Scheduling feature. This can be customized as per need and the functionalities can be added and removed whenever necessary. These features are available with the full suite and its standalone tools. The solution beautifully combines appointment management and customer engagement which is a major need for businesses that require a versatile Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It gives users powerful options to create custom reports and run advanced scheduling commands.