What is AnonyFlow?

These attacks are growing in their sophistication. As such, companies need to evolve their security to protect their data from cybercriminal activities. Staying ahead of the curve is a priority.

The holy grail of cybercrime is personally identifiable information, which can be sold off or ransomed for large amounts of money. Companies worldwide are legally obliged to follow GDPR compliance, under EU law, protecting such data from potential breaches, and conforming to the highest security standards.

However, the question is HOW do companies secure their data from attacks?
Encryption is one of the most secure methods of personally identifiable information (PPI) protection. By using encryption, a company’s valuable data will be protected from theft, as hackers have no means of decryption. Thereby, significantly reducing the impact of cyberattacks.

Yet, encryption is complicated when dealing with the management of private keys. That's why we developed AnonyFlow. AnonyFlow uses encryption-based anonymization to protect part of the data. The rest will be left untouched. You decide which data you want to protect.

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