What is Apiway?

According to apiway.ai, EngageBay Inc. and Apiway have an active Channel Partnership. The EngageBay Inc. partner network has 5 companies, while the Apiway partner ecosystem has 100. In both ecosystems, one company exists, accounting for 20% of the EngageBay Inc. partner ecosystem and 1% of the Apiway partner ecosystem. ApiWay is a sales-generating software that can be used by enterprises without the need for coding knowledge. To create leads, users can connect their CRM, Chatbots, or email marketing service using this program. It comes with 50 pre-built integration templates and can connect to more than 50 apps. ApiWay also integrates with a number of email marketing platforms, including MailerLite, MailChimp, ConstantContact, Campaign Monitor, etc. This helps in the creation of broadcast emails, A/B testing, and sign-up forms in order to promote a positive relationship with clients. Users can also track client mail opening rates using open rate and click rate analytics. ApiWay’s interface with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid, Magento, and others makes it easier to start an online store. This allows users to create web pages, organize products into categories, administer their businesses, track sales, and tag their products with an Instagram hashtag. Webinars, CRM systems, landing page builders, and other software categories are among the other software categories supported by the app. amoCR is included into the software. The software provides integration with amoCRM, LeeLoo, E-Autopay, Enquiz, Google Analytics, and Facebook Leads to name a few, without having to hire any professional coders.