What is AppSmart Identity?

Securely connect everyone to everything. Connecting with people, applications and devices is a key requirement of digital transformation. AppSmart Identity provides identity and access management for every user across all applications to all interconnected systems to securely access and manage your cloud migration services and all other services from a single place. Users don’t want to remember multiple passwords. With single sign-on, uses can access business systems with one account ensuring a seamless user experience for all their cloud migration services and cloud managed services. With multi-factor and strong authentication users can make sure that the identities that access business systems are fully verified. Policy-based MFA prevents unauthorized users from accessing corporate data with passwords alone. One place for all your cloud managed services eg. manage all your users, groups and devices. With AppSmart and our network of technology advisors, you get a one-stop shop for business technology. We offer leading cloud applications with outstanding support, the best connectivity, voice, and energy/IoT solutions, plus unbiased advice to help you quickly find and implement the best technology for your business. Just getting started with your business? Working to grow and expand your customer base? No matter where you are in your business journey, our trusted and impartial technology advisors are there to help you get everything you need to power your future. Tens of thousands of organizations of all sizes across all sectors trust AppSmart with their technology decisions. These include Fortune 5000 companies and SMBs in retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, banking, television and movie production, as well as non-profits, universities, and more.