What is BDO?

New ideas. Ambitious planes. Big dreams. All over the country, thousands of companies and organizations are working hard to create value. And across the country, BDO is present to help them. We are an international accounting, consulting- and auditing company with a deep foothold in Norwegian society and business. We know the challenges, see the opportunities and are strongly committed to helping our customers achieve their goals.

Our customers range from global companies to small and medium-sized businesses. We have clients from most industries in both the private and public sectors. If necessary, we collaborate with store parts of the network on both international and national customers

As the first Norwegian Authorized Partner of SugarCRM, BDO offers an end-to-end CRM solution for all our customers. Our services include analysis, strategy- and implementation, integrations, onboarding, training and support. We supply our CRM services on the basis of our clients’ needs, and we deliver them with enthusiasm, professional solidity and in-depth knowledge.

Let BDO help your business create excellent results and unique customer experiences by choosing the right CRM solution for your company needs and ambition – to a fair price.

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