What is BigWheel?

With our unique blend of business savvy and creative services, we work with our clients to create solutions that solve their business problems. Whether our clients are looking to rebrand their company, build a custom application for their customers, or boost traffic to their website or tradeshow booth, we’re here to help.

 Since opening in 1995 as DMGx, we’ve been committed to tasteful, intuitive, and functional digital design. In 2010, DMGx merged with the Knoxville-based tech startup Gigmark Interactive Media, and in 2013, DMGx acquired Bluegill Creative, becoming known as DMG Bluegill.

With all three companies under the same umbrella, we started offering marketing strategy, graphic design, and software development to our customers. After acquiring the marketing technology company Voices Heard Media, we rebranded as BigWheel in 2015.