What is BoxBrownie?

BoxBrownie is primarily a company that offers a wide range of photo editing services, from enhancing images to virtual renovations. It’s grown in popularity over the last few years, but is it the best place to send your real estate photos? There aren’t really any BoxBrownie reviews from customers online, so it’s hard to get a full picture. Most of these services are in the real estate photography arena and clearly benefit real estate professionals who are trying to market listings for the maximum value. However, BoxBrownie does not specialize in real estate. Their website says that BoxBrownie, “Is for everyone from real estate agents to developers, professional photographers to amateurs and online retailers.” That means that BoxBrownie’s specialty is in photo editing, not in creating the best design for each space. If you’re in real estate, trying to evaluate if BoxBrownie is the best way for you to attract potential buyers, you ought to consider the quality of their virtual staging designs. BoxBrownie is a good choice for anyone who needs basic photo editing services and knows exactly what they need. Their platform allows you to upload photos and pay photo editors to enhance the photos, remove items in the photos or create a floor plan. However, since photos are not edited by designers, it’s not the best choice for real estate agents who want listing photos that are strategically designed to increase the home’s value.