What is BrixCRM?

Our mission is ‘Creating Happy Customers’. That is why we are firmly committed to help organizations to build lasting and profitable customer relationships. How? By truly getting to know your customers. We achieve this by giving professional advice and by implementing integrated, powerful and innovative software solutions.

BrixCRM has grown from a company that has years of experience and expertise in the field of CRM to a Customer Relationship Management specialist which enables organizations to successfully use customer data by creating powerful insights which gives direction to processes, strategies and goals. This way, organizations are able to increase the value from and for their customers.

BrixCRM is a driven CRM service provider and Elite Partner of SugarCRM. We attach importance to customer-orientation, craftmanship and innovation. We offer organizations all-round services; from consultancy, implementation and maintenance, to projectmanagement, custom software design hosting and support.
We analyze, advice, implement and support with experienced consultants. We work closely together with our customers and immerse ourselves in their business, so we can help them to develop the right CRM strategy and implement the best solution. Our pragmatic approach ensures a relatively short implementation period.

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