What is BurnAlong?

BurnAlong is built on that simple yet industry-changing philosophy that if you want to help people achieve their health and wellness goals, the way to do it is to bring them:

1. Programming they find relatable and inspiring.
2. Social support to keep them active and engaged.

We are a deeply mission-driven company. Our mission is to change lives by giving people the health and wellness programming and support they need. We do this by working with employers, insurers and brokers across the US and in more than 70 countries, and partnering with 1,000s of wellness professionals, to meet people and their families where they are. We provide the inclusive online health and wellness programming and social support they need to achieve their goals. Diverse, inclusive, and local corporate wellness programming that meets employees where they are. We help companies and plans engage everybody and build great cultures. We even connect with people traditionally unengaged in wellness with diverse content, inclusive challenges, social motivation, and relatable instructors.

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