What is BurstSMS?

It all started in 1999, when two Aussies found each other on the bustling streets of London. Their names were Brad Down and Alex Macpherson. They didn’t know it at the time, but this was the start of a 20+ year-long journey.

There are two sides to the cerebral hemisphere in a human brain: left and right. In a perfect partnership, a duo should be strong on opposite sides.

Brad was an innovative idea man. A creative jack of all trades, do it at all cost, risk-taking machine. He is driven by the passion to eliminate pain points, and to make life easier.

Alex was highly insightful, logical, and naturally analytical. He knew how to make the numbers work if the facts worked in his favour. A master negotiator, and lover of deals.

Left: Brad Down, Right: Alex Macpherson - circa 2006
Although their complementary skills made them a match, it was their core fundamental values which kept them together.

Trust, transparency, and staying motivated through a shared purpose was the glue that kept them together.

When Brad and Alex started to brainstorm how their first business might look, they laid out every single possible scenario that could have happened. Many questions were uncomfortable, but the outcome became a key component in how well they have worked together over two decades. Their duties do not cross over, and they have full trust in each other to perform responsibilities to their best capabilities. They are prepared for any uncomfortable situation that arises, know when to give space, and still look forward to seeing each other grow every day.

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