What is Clearbit?

Where does the data come from?
Combining over 250 public and private data sources and sorting through billions of data points, we create marketing intelligence from a variety of sources, including social profiles, company websites, legal filings, crowdsourcing, plus many more.

How is that turned into useful data?
Not all data is equal, and all those data points can create a lot of noise. By dynamically weighting and scoring each data source in real time, we are able to make smart decisions about which data source to use for each attribute. We analyze billions of data points every day and turn them into standardized and usable attributes. Role, Seniority, Company Tags, Estimated Revenue, Location, Technologies, and much more.

How accurate is the data?
At Clearbit, every record goes through four stages of verification. First, has the record been refreshed within the last 30 days? Second, do the data sources for the record agree with one another? Third, are there anomalies, and if so, why? Finally, does the data look accurate to our highly trained team of researchers? This process ensures that each record is as accurate as possible.

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