What is Comptek Technologies?

Comptek was established in 1998 as a product development company and fabricator of engineered composite, alloy and metal infrastructure products for the wireless and energy markets. The company is headquartered in Boulder, CO and operates nationwide. The CityPole is being deployed across multiple states in the public right-of-way, onto private landlord sites, university campuses and private developments. Comptek works closely with the major wireless operators and Utilities to meet their cost, performance and aesthetic requirements.

In the Denver market, the CityPole has been deployed since 2016 in the Right-of-Way following approval by Denver City Council as Denver’s preferred smart pole solution. The company will deploy over 1000 CityPole’s in 2019 across multiple states and jurisdictions as our smart poles are adopted nationally. The CityPole is being designed and deployed for multiple technologies, including 4G/5G, 4G only, 5G only, unlicensed band and IoT solutions. The company is a member of the Aero Wireless Group of companies, who has worked extensively throughout the U.S. for each major wireless carriers, neutral host providers, municipalities and energy companies in completing over 4000 turnkey projects. The groups’ 20 year wireless infrastructure background includes working on macro cell and small cell projects.