What is CU Engage?

Engage fi (formerly CU Engage) is a provider of data-informed consulting services intended to serve credit unions and community banks related to technology vendor selection and spending. The company has a wide range of services, including credit and debit assessment, online banking, technology assessment and insurance expertise, and loyalty assessment, allowing customers to make informed and timely decisions on vendor relationships.

Engage fi was founded on putting it in the customers' shoes to understand their needs, business objectives, and their definition of success. What differentiates it from other options is the focus on the client, and a little bit more: more transparency, more innovation, more savings, more incentives, more fun, and more collaboration. 

Its people, process, and tools guarantee that your experience with Engage fi will surpass your expectations. With the help of its experience and resources, Engage fi hope to save time, boost productivity, and give financial institutions the pricing leverage they require. 

The team at Engage fi consists of a variety of consultants, educators, matchmakers, integrators, and advocates with over 450 years of experience in the industry. They are laser-focused on guiding financial institutions through their proven process and allowing them to make informed, timely decisions on vendor relationships so they can change at the speed of the consumer. Engage fi has finished more than 525 significant projects for financial institutions and negotiated more than $2.2 billion in savings and incentives for its customers. 

The company`s collective experience working for and with suppliers and financial institutions in the past gives it tremendous insight into the capabilities of the vendors that its customers work with. 

Overall, Engage fi focuses on: 

  • Digital solutions matching 
  • Vendor evaluations 
  • Financial analysis 
  • Technology trends 

Using Engage fi you will get:

  • Improved vendor relations 
  • Better consumer experiences
  • Detailed project plans 
  • Guaranteed savings

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