What is Damian Qualter?

I’ve been an Infusionsoft Certified Partner since 2014, and an Infusionsoft user since 2008.

I haven’t always worked in marketing. I worked in the textile industry for many years, and later in the property industry. I got into marketing because I was tired of being fleeced by overpriced marketing consultants, who charged a lot and delivered little.

I started learning Infusionsoft because I was let down by too many service providers. I could see the power of Infusionsoft, but I needed to take control of my systems.

At the time my business was heavily reliant on webinars. I could see that using email alone to promote my webinars was becoming less effective. To boost my registration and show up rates, I began adding additional media to my strategy. I began sending people text messages, voicemails, postcards, instant messages.