What is Dominate Sales?

Dominate Sales help companies to increase their sales revenue or raise the overall quality of sales teams performance. Dominate Sales do it with the following services: 1) Sales audit to analyze and find weaknesses to improve results 2) Picking the right CRM for the customer. Setup+ 60 days intensive implementation: the battle-tested best way for your team to truly start using the CRM actively and the correct way. 3) Salary plan creation for the sales team, that makes them want to reach a new level and stay motivated 4) Sales training and consultation 5) Sales manager coaching Regarding CRM: in most cases, Pipedrive will be the best pick and we are one of the TOP partners in the world regarding setup and implementation. Our customers have the highest user activity rate and when people let us set up the system, then 95% of the time will stay and enjoy it even years later!