What is Edgecast?

Edgecast streamlines your OTT streaming workflow. It provides the tools you need to deliver a high-quality streaming experience powered by our encoding, live event, and session management technology – Smartplay.

Whether acquiring a signal onsite or delivering to the cloud, our encode solutions adapt to your requirements and support up to 4K HDR via SDI. Our platform is optimized for live event streaming, enabling you to add new live events immediately, with no fixed cost commitments. Our Smartplay feature delivers an ultra-personalized, TV-like quality streaming experience that drives revenue. Smartplay was architected for every viewer that presses “play” and scales to millions of concurrent viewers. It can accommodate almost any workflow and provides granular insights for optimizing your business.

Choose our video streaming product to: ‍‍

Provide personalization at scale to millions of concurrent viewers.
Deliver 4K HDR, low-latency content, with or without ads on any network.
Maximize ad yield with server-side ad insertion, prebid programmatic technology, and data and analytics.
Manage your video streaming business in real time with built-in tools for monitoring and a world-class support team.

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