What is Ensono?

This client helps customers and partners to accelerate growth and improve their business performance through the power of data and analytics. With an extensive international network, 5,000 employees around the world and a data cloud comprising 330 million business records, curated and updated daily, it is the established global leader in commercial data and insight, serving almost 90% of the Fortune 500™, and organizations of every size and sector.

The obstacles faced
The company has grown, in part through strategic acquisitions, and in recent years has undergone regular restructuring, to make its wealth of business data work harder and to open new channels to serve additional customer needs. Last year, it was itself acquired by a multi-partner investment group, taking the business private and headed by a new leadership team.

The client has a complex IT environment with more than a dozen data centers and server footprints across the globe, as well as a large team to manage those environments. Its acquisitions brought additional challenges in integrating those organizations and harmonizing respective technologies and operations.

This dispersed infrastructure means that the company is not as quick, not as agile and not as cost effective as it could be, with the development and launch of new products and services taking longer and requiring more resources than necessary.

The client was seeking Ensono’s support to develop a strategy to rationalize and standardize its IT estate to acquire the speed, agility and innovation it needs to prosper, while in the process, saving $100 million over the next five years.

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