What is Foursquare?

Vendasta and Foursquare have an active Technology Partnership according to enterprise.foursquare.com. There are 11 companies in the Vendasta partner ecosystem and 111 companies in the Foursquare partner ecosystem. 1 company exists in both ecosystems, representing 9% of the Vendasta partner ecosystem and 0.9% of the Foursquare partner ecosystem. Foursquare is a location technology platform offering business solutions and consumer products through a deep understanding of location. As a location intelligence company, Foursquare comprises two well-known consumer apps, Foursquare and Swarm, as well as thriving media and enterprise products. The platform leverages a deep understanding of location intelligence to unlock valuable insights about customers, enabling brands to understand and connect to targeted audiences as well as to measure foot traffic and advertising success. Its toolkit includes Foursquare Analytics; Placed powered by Foursquare; Pinpoint audiences; and Pilgrim SDK and Places API. Together, these products empower brands to analyze trends; measure foot traffic lift via multi-touch attribution; optimize advertising campaigns across hundreds of audiences; and drive deeper engagement via Foursquare’s industry-leading developer tools.