What is Geeks on Tap?

Geeks On Tap are Web (Cloud Computing) specialists through skill and training that economically transform your business to catch the Cloud Computing waves and stay there. Geeks On Tap provides a blend of business acumen with technology-savvy dedication to good business outcomes from Information and Communications Technology. We can help you take advantage of these “online” services that are corporate-grade but affordable to give all users the same facilities as large companies. Geeks on Tap are known as thought leaders in Cloud Technology. Understanding what benefits the Cloud has to offer is often misunderstood. When you have clear goals in mind for you organisation and a growth mindset, you can empower your team. Knowing how to protect an organization’s most sensitive content is crucial. We are known as the helpful educators that show you how to make the best of your technology and get your teams working. This means we take our clients on a pleasant journey to a better place with their technology. We agree that technology is too hard for most businesses and it’s our job to make it easy for business people. As a solution-first business, we place value in our authority to bring the right solutions to business. This is why we bring a Consulting rather than Selling culture to our clients. We bring the solutions our clients need in order to remove the friction they are experiencing.