What is Get Prepared?

Vtiger CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a cloud based software application (not hosted on your computer) that helps your business to be more customer focused, forms part of you businesses continuity planning and is an online system to preserve and recover data.

It centralises a database of customers and all of the information, about those customers. This means contact information, internal notes and documents, calendar events, deals, phone and email conversations, and more. It then contains a set of tools to build process and enable customers to flow smoothly through marketing, sales, and support, and to monitor each customer as they do so.

Your teams can then use Vtiger CRM to learn about each customer, communicate with them, plan and manage their customer-facing work, and even automate repeated tasks.  In times of emergencies and disasters all your customer data and other relevant information is stored in the cloud and not exposed to loss as it would be on a local computer or local network.

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