What is Grafik?

As a branding and marketing agency, what we do has an impact. Often small, but often also surprisingly large. These outcomes are all parts of the woof and warp that ultimately is the fabric of our society, but for our work to have salutary effect, we must start with our own culture. Company cultures are organic, but they can be steered—if leadership is committed, goals are serious, and people are empowered. For this to happen, diversity and inclusion initiatives must be approached using the same skills we use in all our client engagements. To that end, Grafik created a Diversity & Inclusion Committee as a first step.

Grafik believes each branding and marketing engagement is a steppingstone, a foundation, shoulders for the next visionary to stand on. Every client goal accomplished, every objective successfully met, is a beginning, not an end. Our partnerships open doors that simply weren’t there before. Clients tell how we did so in the videos below. To surface the insights and deliver the solutions that create new possibilities, we’ve brought together strategists, graphic designers, storytellers, developers, researchers, user experience experts, content creators, production specialists, and more. Helping great companies become great brands.