What is Granulate?

Granulate uses real-time continuous performance optimization to enable businesses to handle compute workloads on 60% fewer servers while enhancing performance by 40%, with no code changes required. Granulate identifies contended resources, bottlenecks, and possibilities for prioritization by automatically learning the application's specific resource usage patterns and data flow. Then, Granulate customizes OS-level scheduling and prioritization decisions to boost the infrastructure's performance for certain applications and provide significant cost savings.

It was founded in 2018 and is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. In March 2022, Granulate was acquired by Intel.

This solution can help you with:

  1. Cost Reduction

Granulate reduces costs by 30–60% on average per client workload or service. This significant value allows its customers to use more of their machines while maintaining high QoS and easily meeting SLAs.

  1. Productivity

Granulate offers a real-time continuous performance optimization solution that easily boosts server throughput by 5X, reduces latency by 40%, and lowers cloud compute costs by up to 60% with no code changes required.

  1. Optimization

Optimization Features: 

  • Thread scheduling: Custom thread scheduling that is prioritized according to real-time application-specific processing stages. 
  • Lockless networking: Optimized lockless network stack, enabling high throughput and extreme parallelism.  
  • Inter-process communication: Effective communication between processes using modern memory arenas: enhanced memory allocations and accesses that are customized to your application and based on analyzed usage patterns.

So, Granulate is AI-driven optimization software that boosts performance by streamlining the environment for any app. Granulate agents support any architecture, including data centers, multiple clouds, or hybrid cloud environments, and can be installed on any Linux server. Its solutions include cloud optimization, on-premises optimization, container optimization, and big data optimization.

Granulate provides a "set it and forget it" user experience and is easy to deploy. With Granulate, you may easily get results without spending time on research and development.

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