What is Hunt Big Sales?

The challenge for most $5 million to $100 million companies is they are good at sales, but not good at sales strategy. Hunt Big Sales is a sales strategy company that provides CEOs who are unsatisfied with their growth rates a proven process that doubles their sales conversion rate, doubles the size of their average sale and doubles the rate in which they double the size of their company. A factory approach means it’s replicable, scalable, measurable and transparent. Execute, learn, improve, just as a production line becomes more effective and efficient, so will your sales factory. Take the Sales Growth Assessment to identify where your company is in their growth journey and if Hunt Big Sales would be able to help you. In a changing marketplace, low growth is as bad as no growth. Some of your key contacts in the marketplace are leaving, being reorganized or retiring. Procurement and supply chain management are filling the gap for purchasing and not understanding value and risk, focusing on price and terms only. The bigger competitors are being awarded an increasing amount of the work you have been successful at selling in the past. Your tenacity keeps you viable and growing, selling the way you have been successful in the past.