What is Ident Solutions?

Ident Solutions creates a cutting edge, proprietary security technology & Specializing in software that gives actionable intelligence. Our FedCheck technology improves your life by making your business, facility, and employees safer with one scan of a visitor’s I.D.FedCheck delivers the intelligence you need to identify bad actors who might threaten your key assets and the safety of your staff.

FedCheck instantly accesses thousands of databases to retrieve the information you need to quickly assess and identify the level of threat. FedCheck only returns the information is important to you. FedCheck has analyzed over 50,000 unique offense codes used by law enforcement agencies to group them into simple, succinct categories. Simply toggle these categories on or off to focus on the type of criminal history that is most meaningful to your security screening processes. FedCheck provides cutting-edge data and analytics to help you understand your visitor patterns and your associated exposure to risk, enabling you to design your security processes based off of factual data instead of hunches.